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How to stop screen from going off

I have a Moto G6 Play. 


 If I am doing something on the phone that doesn't require any buttons to be touched for example copying something from the phone onto a paper, the phone screen light goes off. I then have to press the lock button to put the screen back on. My display settings are that the screen goes off after 5 minutes. 


Any ideas?

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Re: How to stop screen from going off

This is usually an Android thing which has limits depending on the version.I too like my screen to stay on sometimes especially on long phone calls to Governmet departments etc.


I use a free ad-free little app/widget called


No Screen Off

From the Playstore.
It may say it's made for an older Android version and not work when installing but it works on my version of PIE(Android 9.0).I have the shortcut on my homescreen and it's a very small app so takes up little memory/phone space.It places a little,"Sun" icon in the notification area when active.
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