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If your having trouble with Android Auto

First background, had to run my Hyundai Elantra over to the dealler for two months. When I got it back I had A) Gotten a new G phone and moved apps, conractes etc and B) been using it with a base model Loaner Elantra that only supported Bluetooth and not Android Auto.


So I get it back and have to re-pair it with my old car did not synch right back up. Then when I want to use the hands free talk button to bring up info in Google maps I get:


"'When it's safe, you'll first need to tap the notification. Then you can let headsets work with the Google Assistant" BTW researching this some people get a slight variations on this theme.


You can have all android permissions on, you can have all google app permissions on and notifications in both and hands free etc. Your still going to get this.


So what missing thats driving you bat-**bleep** crazy?


In Voice Match that has to be on and you have to train it to respond to voice before all of this is going to work. 


I really wish they would break this company up and stop it's war on privacy.



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