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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Moto G6: Wifi disconnects and reconnects frequently

Just wanted to thank you for your post and all that followed.  I was able to solve my issue of Wi-Fi discounting & reconnecting using a combination of "fixes" people posted here. 


Phone: Moto G6

Location: Kansas City

Situation: Just switched ISP providers.  Google Fiber to Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable)

Issue: Moto G6 phone drops and reconnects home Wi-Fi making streaming difficult/impossible.  All other wi-fi devices in home do not have this issue.


I'm skipping details on each step as they have been outlined by others, but please feel free to ask/reach out to me 


Steps taken to resolve:

1) Turn off Wi-Fi scanning (blue tooth scanning still on)

2) Keep wi-fi on during sleep - Always

3) Avoid bad wifi connections (Off - aka Wi-Fi switching)

4) Network rating provider - Off (Had been set to Google)

5) Turn off Wi-Fi

6) Reset Network Settings

7) Power off phone

8) Reset Cache and reboot phone - In Recovery mode (sounds difficult but super easy)

9) Turn off/Unplug ISP modem & router

10) Turn on/Plug in ISP modem & router (waited until router reestablished connections to other devices in home)

11) On phone - Turned Wi-Fi on

12) Reconnected to home Wi-fi network


I had tried all of these steps separately but never in this order.  Definitely believe this was an issue with the handshake between the router and my phone.  


I never had this issue when we had Google Fiber, immediately upon install of Spectrum devices it started.  


Other phones/devices in home that did not have this issue: Samsung Galaxy 6, Samsung Galaxy 7, Samsung Galaxy 8+, Dell PC, Amazon Fire tablets


Notes: My Spectrum provided router is using DHCP, WPA-2 security.  I disabled the 5GHz connection in router settings.  Using 2GHz connection for all devices in home.


Please let me know if you need anything detailed.  I would be happy to help as I understand this is extremely frustrating. 

Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Moto G6: Wifi disconnects and reconnects frequently

Hi ToddyG,


Great, thanks! We appreciate your efforts in resolving this. Glad to see the progress.




Moto Support

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What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G6: Wifi disconnects and reconnects frequently

PLEASE FIX the DHCP protocol error issue ASAP.

I can't ask all the admins of routers of important public places and hotels I will visit in the future to assign static address to my buggy
moto g6 plus.

Does Lenovo understand that NOT BEING ABLE TO USE Wi-Fi inside a hotel or an office in a foreign country is a very serious issue to a
smartphone owner?  It is so serious that I am surprised that the problem remains unsolved for a few months after being reported here.

And for that matter, at least one clear-cut culprit, DHCP issue has already been shown to be ONE of the possible causes in the customers' posts. It should be addressed ASAP.

DHCP is obviously fishy according to the following posts:

Poster: Date
jeremysl98 on 07-12-2018 09:06 AM
           this suggests excessive errors FROM MOTO G6 PLUS is the
           cause of dropping of connection by the router.

_Cache     on ‎07-13-2018 12:16 AM
           the error log from the router clearly suggests that Moto g6
           plus DHCP protocol stack is behaving erratically.  (I think
           this would clue the software team that created the firmware
           for DHCP where a potential problem lies.)

_Cash      on ‎07-13-2018 04:05 AM
           The followup on the previous post by the same poster
           suggests that assigning fixed ip address fixed the dropping
           Thus confirming the suspicion generated by the previous two
           posts that DHCP is likely to be the ONE of the culprits of Wi-Fi

I am not ruling out that there are other possible causes of Wi-Fi being dropped. But since DHCP is clearly shown to be the culprit,
please fix it ASAP.

Also, Let us separate the slow Wi-Fi issue occasionally mentioned in the thread from the dropping issue,
and focus on fixing this DHCP issue. Period.

The log in the post by _Cache on ‎07-13-2018 12:16 AM is so clear to show that DHCP is not handled correctly by Moto g6 plus.
If the software development team of DHCP code used in Moto g6 plus still cannot fix the DHCP issue, I would grade the team's technical
exptertize as second rate.

(Except that they are using the generic DHCP code used in the original Android source code unmodified, then we may have to blame the hardware people. Hardware people may have produced chips that behave randomly. But I doubt this possibility although there is always a chance of buggy chips and/or buggy lots of correct chips.
I am assuming that DHCP code in the original Android source is solid. It may not be. In that case, the software people need to
find some additional patches to make it more robust.

My two cents worth.

From a very irritated new owner.
Like some customers, I would  not have bought this phone if I knew this problem exists.
Motorola that I knew of many years ago would have fixed this problem within a month of the report by "_Cache" in July.

Oh well. How time flies and the ownership change results in different mode of actions.


What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G6: Wifi disconnects and reconnects frequently

Assigning a fixed IP address to Moto g6 plus did not help in my case.
The Wi-Fi connection did not last more than a couple of hours... I am not sure if this was a case of router side dropping the connection if there was no IP activity. (But I would think there was a keep-alive packet in between to keep the connection alive.)
Beside, my previous smartphone, Huawei nove or Asus notebook got connected continuously once connected in the same home Wi-Fi network.

I vierfied that the fixed IP address assignment was successful because I could see that the IP address moto g6 plus got was the fixed IP address given by the pre-assignment and not the usual lower address that is handed out from the DHCP address pool.

PS: There are multiple issues with DHCP protocol stack, it seems.

The following post
EdWIndiana  on ‎07-26-2018 02:07 PM
mentioned that some class-A IP address may not be handled correctly.

The same poster's observation in the next post
EdWIndiana on ‎07-26-2018 06:29 PM
that the connection does not work in addresses 10.10.10.x  is suggestive of such additional issue.
However, the poster's observation that "I have tried several 192.168.x.x public networks and all work fine."
did not agree with my experience. I used 192.168.0.x address in my home Wi-Fi and moto g6 plus gets disconnected all the time.

Anyway, to me and to many software developers it is clear that there is at least one serious cause of Wi-Fi being dropped all the time in
DHCP code/hardware of moto g6 plus.

There may be even memory-related bugs such that buffer overrun, static variables not initialized properly, etc. I say this because seemingly unrelated opertion such as cache clearing, or setting the Wi-Fi quality verifying site to none from google, etc. has resulted in an improvement sometimes regarding this Wi-Fi dropping.  It is possible that key variables got overwritten or something when these actions were taken.

Anyway, I would like to know when the FIX for the clearly detalied DHCP issue is coming.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Moto G6: Wifi disconnects and reconnects frequently

The issue returned after 3 days.  I am gone 7am-6pm daily so it's difficult to pinpoint exactly when it returned.

MotoG6 was disconnecting about every minute or less (immediately reconnects).  This was identical to the issue I had before.


To confirm to myself that it was a DHCP issue, or some other router issue, I went to Verizon and hopped on their wireless network. 

Sat there for about 15 minutes streaming video and game and the wi-fi did not dissconnect at all.


Returned home.  (Immediately had wi-fi issues when I pulled in the drive as the phone reconnected to my home wi-fi)

Performed a hard reset on my router.

Router Model: Spectrum Provided - Askey RAC2V1K/802.11ac


Made the following change on router settings:

Advance < Network < Wireless

"Password Rotation Interval" (AKA - Network Key Rotation Interval)

3600 (Default) to 86400.


I read on a few forums that setting the key to default 3600 seconds will add maximum security; but it will disconnect the network access at regular intervals. Since this is what's happening I decided to give it a shot.  I was unable to change this setting to "0" as forums suggested, as Specturm has it locked for values between 600 and 86400 (values in seconds).  So in my case I changed it to the largest time interval possible,  86400 seconds (24 hours).


Definition of this setting straight from router's web interface page

● Network Key Rotation Interval: This field specifies the interval (in seconds) after which a WPA group key is changed. Enter [0] (zero) to indicate that a periodic key-change is not required. Please input the value between 600 to 86400 (seconds).


So far so good.  Back to a solid wi-fi connection on MotoG6 for the last 6-7 hours.  I'll update if things change. 

I've also re-enabled the 5G connection on the router that I had disabled in my earlier post, as it is not related to the issue.



Paper Tape
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Re: Moto G6: Wifi disconnects and reconnects frequently

Hi, just to add having read the prior posts. My wife's G6 plus has some disconnection issues. I have an IT support past so set it to static IP which made no difference, unfortunately our router is locked by the ISP and I can't just change to 5GHz but having moved the box a few feet to the side the disconnections are infrequent. 


What I found is that there is a weak zone in the bedroom caused by a large bathroom mirror in our ensuite. It is ok on my side of the bed but the mirror's Wifi 'shadow' totally blocks the signal on her side when the phone is near the floor by the bed. This happens with both maker's phones, the difference is the G6 Plus takes well over a minute to reconnect once moved and in the middle of the room again (4-5 meters from the router). My phone (and her old Moto G2) reconnects in seconds once the signal level increases a little. This indicates that the Moto has a software? issue with re-handshaking the router.


Also the Moto (on usual 2.4 Ghz band) loses connection when things like microwave ovens come on in other apartments. I gave our downstairs neighbour our old (but better) microwave as her's was obviously leaking too much but that is common and that has stopped. Spotted this visiting her. While this mild jamming effect is a known issue for 2.4 Ghz Wifi, the other maker's phone on the same band does not seem affected by this at all.


Weak signal areas and sporradic mild frequency jamming causing a disconnection and when the weak signal returns, it takes the phone a very abnormal minute to two to reconnect seemed our problem (after clearing cache etc.). Just posting as this may give ideas to support. I am sure setting the router's key refresh would help as was in the last post but most can't do that so some tweaking on the phone would be helpful by the Moto staff to make the phone more robust.   

Punch Card
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Re: Moto G6: Wifi disconnects and reconnects frequently

Many thanks to all.


To summarize: since May this year there has been no progress from Motorola's side.


It's all on users hands, and whether they have access to their router configurations. 


Hey Moto: some actual help would be greatly appreciated. 




What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G6: Wifi disconnects and reconnects frequently

I am experiencing the issue of the Wi-Fi connecting and disconnecting. I can't run my update because the phone won't stay connected to my home Wi-Fi. I have already followed the settings directtiod given in this forum. Can you please help?

Paper Tape
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G6 updated to android 8.0.0, cannot maintain connection to wifi at home

As stated, the phone updated to 8.0.0. a couple of days past. Since the update, the phone cannot maintain a connection to the home router via wifi. All other devices in the household have no issue with maintaining a wifi connection. The phone has no problem maintaining a wifi connection at locations outside the home.


I have to think that there is a setting in the phone that has changed and is interfering with the household wifi router connection.


Help would be appreciated.


I have seen a request for an IMEI number for the tech folks to look at a phone. Where would that number be entered? Message here? Profile? Where?

Punch Card
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Re: G6 updated to android 8.0.0, cannot maintain connection to wifi at home

Add it your profile.
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