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Re: Moto G6 bluetooth problem - edited for clarity.

I am not doing anything else with my phone i am using it strictly to connect to my car's bluetooth for handsfree conversation. No music, no audible apps - nothing - now not even calls. I am surprised someone hasn't addressed this issue

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Re: Moto G6 bluetooth problem - edited for clarity.

Could it be due to the trusted smart lock options? The reason I ask this is my problem occured after listening to an audio file via a third party app. After that the phone and car system never synchronised properly. It was as if the phone and car was in continuous linking or handshaking.


When I set up the phone with other devices it worked perfectly.


The only way I got the phone and car system to synchronise was to do a factory reset on the phone. That worked for about 12 hours. It stopped working, I think, after I tried playing audio file over Bluetooth to the car.


  1. Is there any way to completely  'clear the cache' of trusted devices in the smart lock on the Moto G6.  I wondered if this would help in the Bluetooth problems?;
What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G6 bluetooth problem - edited for clarity.

I am having the same issue.  Bluetooth in the car won't stay connected (2013 Acura - worked fine with my Motorola G).  It will connect to my parrot Bluetooth headset but the audio quality typically becomes garbled on my end.  Digital distortion to the sound - like a bad voip connection.  


This is my second G6 Play to have this problem with.  Getting ready to return it if we can't get this solved in the next day or two.

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Re: Moto G6 bluetooth problem - edited for clarity.

I can only speak from my Moto G6 experience but the garbled voice while using a bluetooth headset or car handsfree only happens to me if I have the phones Wifi turned on. It seems to make no difference if the device is connected to a Wifi network or not so I always turn it off while in the car. I first experienced this with my Moto G5 and unfortunately the issue still exists with the Moto G6. We have more than one G6 in our family and they are all the same.

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Re: Moto G6 bluetooth problem - edited for clarity.

@JCollins1 wrote:

Other than returning the phone and going  with a differnt brand does anyone have a solution

I have this problem with my 4 month old Moto G6. After trying 'factory reset' of the phone the Bluetooth connected for a while. I tried to play (third party audio on sd card) audio through Bluetooth and problems restarted. Further factory reset didn't help.


I returned phone under warranty and removed SIM and sd card. Unfortunately the egg shell glass back of the G6 was cracked so it's warranty was void. While the phone was returned I noticed that the sd card was corrupt. The sd card was read only. As the media being played via Bluetooth was on the corrupt/read only sd card it might have been affecting the phone/car Bluetooth connection.


I have had the phone returned (no 'repair' as warranty void by cracked back Moto G6 glass cover)  and with new sd card it seems to be working o.k.


If the sd card is read only, and CarvBluetooth connectivity is trying to bookmark media, playlists, current track position but can't because of its read only status could that have affected the phone/car audio Bluetooth connection?


If your Moto G6 has a sd card try removing it and then check Bluetooth connectivity.


Blue Screen Again
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Re: Moto G6 bluetooth problem - edited for clarity.

I'm not sure why Lenovo and Motorola have not resolved this issue.


I have a 2012 Honda Pilot.  I got my Moto G6 about 3 Months ago and bluetooth has rarely been stable on my Honda Pilot for me or for my wife in her 2017 Subaru outback.


I had a Lumia 950 Windows Phone before this and it never had these types of problems plus the assistant actually worked over bluetooth which is something that just doesnt work for any Android phone I know of without goofy apps.


The only way I have found to partially fix this issue is to turn off the Wifi radio when I get in the car.  That is the only time I can have a call more than a few minutes without the bluetooth repeatedly dropping and restarting the connection.  Each time this happens the phone call connection counter resets as well.


Only issue I am attempting to figure out now is why sometimes when I answer a call connected to bluetooth in the car I have to transfer the call to the handset then retransfer it back to the car's bluetooth so that I can hear the caller and the caller can hear me though my bluetooth speakerphone.


I fear the PIE updates that allow you to have more Bluetooth connections will further break this functionality.

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G6 bluetooth problem - edited for clarity.

I have same problem. This problem is only during calls, otherwise the music plays without a single disconnection. This is observed on telecom network call or whatsapp call.

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G6 bluetooth problem - edited for clarity.

I'm having the same issue with a G6 that I just bought. Disconnects after 10 -15 minutes. Is there a fix for this or not?

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Re: Moto G6 bluetooth problem - edited for clarity.

Same issue.


Have to manually connect it every dang time I get into my car.. so annoying

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No longer pairs or syncs

I bought a new moto g6 from best buy a few months ago.  My fitness watch syncs with it every couple days.  All was well, UNTIL I installed the FIRST security update.  My bluetooth has been cripled ever since.  I installed a second update yesterday ( hoping they fixed the first screw up ).  It is still broken.  Im back to syncing with my old IPhone.


Ive rebooted the device,  reinstalled software and unpaired the device

It seems to pair, but fails to sync.  According to the log, the watch is sending a file, but the bluetooth just terminates.


I am now on

Android version 8.0.0

Current version: OPSS27.104-92-2

Security patch level: November 1, 2018


My watch is a "Garmin vivofit 3"


The worst part about it is, I knew better than to do an update. 

"If it works, don't fix it"


Shame on me.

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