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Moto G6 not performing well after Pie update

I updated my moto g6 to android pie a few days back and I noticed performance lag. 

The Dolby audio is also not giving good output..... very dull clarity and lesser bass.

And also noticed that the phone is getting heated, the battery goes down very soon.

the graphics also has some problem....the icons turn blurry sometimes and takes few seconds to come back to normal.

first time noticing this in moto phones.

Maybe it needs another bug fixed update.


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Re: Moto G6 not performing well after Pie update

After any major update on any of my Android phones I make sure I have all my data backed up and then do a Factory Reset.I've found that on some phones the updates don't take well but a Factory reset installs the updated O/S correctly.


I also do a Factory Reset a couple of times a year anyway as a kind of 10,000 mile service for my phones.Keeps them clean and fast as they get clogged up over time.


HTH Smiley Happy

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Re: Moto G6 not performing well after Pie update

Hello. It is true, there is something wrong in the update, because the audio quality is now poor on MOTO G6 PLUS after android Pie update. Not solved with the last update which brings the last security patches. In particular:

 - Much Lower max volume

 - Lower clarity of the sound

 - Crappy distorted audio when at maximum volume (and this is very bad, since it was perfect with android 8)

I think that this is a huge issue that must be solved very soon, otherwise I'll ask for a refund and change smartphone. I hope it will be solved soon.


PS: I tried everything, also the factory reset. It's a problem introduced by the update, 100% guaranteed.

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