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Moto G6

I have had this issue several times over the last 8 months of owning the device. Settings comprised in Oreo have disappeared entirely after use. The setting to change the color display "cool-neutral-warm" comes and goes at a seemingly random interval. I had a new setting appear and disappear within 24 hrs. The ability to change the shape of my icons from round to square or squircle. I was able to utilize it once before it too disappeared from my menue. 

I'm also still on the November patch and running Android Oreo..  does anyone else have this issue?? Resets and power cycling have not helped this issue.

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Re: Moto G6

Why the color change goes and comes is because the night night is on.. it goes because you won't see the color change because of the orange look to the screen with the night light
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Re: Moto G6

I don't have that setting activated. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G6

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