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Paper Tape
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Moto g6 Update Unsuccessful



I have repeatedly attempted to install PPS29.55-37-4 without success. The download over WiFi is successful, but when installing it restarts and says "software update unsuccessful". Then the repeated notifications asking me to download the update resume, which is irritating. Please could you advise?


Many thanks.

Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Moto g6 Update Unsuccessful

Hi awm37,


Thanks for posting. Try updating the phone using the Lenovo Motorola Smart assistant (LMSA). Here is the download link for PC and here are the instructions on how to use the app. If that does not work, try to perform a factory data reset or use the rescue function on LMSA. Please make sure to back up your phone before doing factory data reset or rescue since would delete most of your files and user data. 


Best regards,
Motorola Support

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto g6 Update Unsuccessful

I also get repeated request pop ups to install the system update and having done so (all my quick touch keys are now different, photo storage + screen settings  back to default, closing apps has an added painful step to 'clear'...) it continues to ask me to install system update, in spanish no less, again resetting all to default settings.... : (((

Moto / Lenovo needs to thoroughly test these silly annoying updates before hijacking their product users time and phones

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