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Moto g6 xt 1925-6 rear camera glass broken, aftermarket ones do not fit

I have ordered several different rear lenses for this exact model and they don't fit they are to big, as the casing around the glass is attached to the motherboard I see no way of putting it on from inside the case. Is this a factory defect or do I have some crazy model. It says it's a xt 1925-6 Moto g6. I sanded one down with a wetstone to fit only tothave it snap and break when removing adhesive plastic cover over the lense. It's a very annoying problem. I do not want to send it in as it will take weeks, does anyone have this problem or a solution? Perhaps the OEM part that actually fits ? I have a lense glued to the outside of the housing for the moment To keep lint and dust out of the case

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