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Paper Tape
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Re: Minimum volume is way too loud

I have a Moto G6 and can report this is still a problem (August 14 2018). At minimum volume I can easily listen to the speaker several meters away. I can't even easily use headphones to resolve the problem as with little background noise (e.g. a quiet bedroom) the minimum volume is uncomfortably loud. I have to place the headphone next to my ear rather than in it.

Paper Tape
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Re: Minimum volume is way too loud

I just got a Moto G6 Play and was having the same issue. It didn't bother me except for one game I like to play (I prefer to play it at a low volume). I finally went into Settings and then Sound, and found a Dolby Audio thing. I selected that and it brought me to various sound options. I selected the Game tab and then turned off something called the "Volume Leveler" and that finally fixed it for me. There are other tabs for music, movies, etc. There also seems to be an option to turn off the Dolby Audio thing completely, but I haven't had to try that yet. So if you are having trouble with the minimum volume being too loud, try changing some settings in the Dolby Audio thing (if you have it), or maybe even turning off Dolby Audio completely. Hopefully this will work for others besides me. 

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Minimum volume is way too loud

Motorola G6 Plus

Yes I have the same problem, it started after Android 9.0 update.
I used to have the option to disable Dolby. Now after the update, you can only pick 3 options: Smart Audio / Music / Film. But you cannot disable!!! It feels like 30% volume at level 1, it's too loud. Does Motorola even check these posts?

Paper Tape
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Re: Minimum volume is way too loud

Same problem in the moto z3 play. I got an app for this but it is not working fine...

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