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Fanfold Paper
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What is the return policy?

I've bought Moto G6 in June and have been facing a number of issues with this phone. 

1. The screen doesn't work properly, having glitches in the display

2. The camera software makes all the images reddish in colour, the colour saturation and/or warmth is way too much.

3. Can never backup my WhatsApp chats to drive since it always shows the status to be 'Roaming' even in the home state (Don't tell me to contact WhatsApp, I already did that, they told to contact the manufacturer of the phone)

4. Bugs in the night light mode. Colours spread across the screen.


I don't want to get this phone repaired or replaced with a new moto g6 as I came to know other moto g6 are facing the same issues, I want to return this phone and get my refund. What is the procedure?

Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: What is the return policy?

Hi naman2898,


Sorry to hear about the ongoing issue that you have been facing. We would like to help. Just to narrow down;

  1. May I know what glitches are we talking about, could you please elaborate the same?
  2. Have you set the camera settings to default and tested. If yes, could you please share us few pictures for us to take a look at the same? 
  3. When you try to backup via WhatsApp > settings > chat > chat backup > (when you click back up) may I know what happens? Do you see any error?
  • When you say--it shows 'Roaming" even in the home state, we want to know if you have tried with different sim cards to see if it shows the same. As this is more like carrier related issue-- not sure why would they guide to us. May I Know if you have tried any troubleshooting steps to change the device from roaming? Which network provider you are using?

4. We would like to see what you see in regards to the spread color? Could you share us the video or pictures showing what you see? This will help us investigate.


Also, please update your profile with the IMEI number of your phone? Is it okay if we look into your apps to determine what is causing the issue? This will help us investigate. Make sure that your Motorola Privacy is enabled. This will help us investigate. Make sure that your Motorola Privacy is enabled.

If you need a reference in updating your profile, please click this link.




Moto support


Fanfold Paper
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Re: What is the return policy?

1. Sometimes random white lines flash on the screen, though for a fraction of second, but it's frequent. I can't take a screenshot or video as I don't know when is that white line gonna appear.

2. Yes my camera settings are on default, and still it has way too much warmth or colour saturation (Redness), I'll try sharing pics whenever I face this issue the next time. It generally happens in HDR mode and/or when we use flash.

3. I tried that, it displays an error that it can't be backed up because you're not connected to wifi and are currently roaming, hence data charges may apply. Connect to a WiFi to back up to drive.

  • Though I didn't try different SIM cards, but I did try swapping the SIM cards that I'm using, I'm using JIO and IDEA. I tried to re register it on network and selected Automatic selection. I also noticed that the phone doesn't display roaming sign and I'm not facing roaming charges. Hence the problem is not with regard to restricted to whatsapp. This is what I was told from whatsapp ------
  • "Hi,

    Thanks for your message.

    It appears that your device is unable to backup because the default network on your phone is set to the roaming SIM, not the SIM you're currently using. WhatsApp can only use the default network to backup, which is set in your phone settings. The location of this setting is dependent on the manufacturer; please contact your manufacturer for more information. Otherwise, you can disable your mobile service and connect to a Wi-Fi network.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to help!

    WhatsApp Support Team"

  • But My both the sims are from rajasthan only and I'm using JIO as default SIM

4. I can't share a picture because it's very subtle and can be seen from naked eyes but hardly from a camera. So in night light, when I'm doing something, say reading an article on some page. Suddenly, while scrolling if there appears an advertisement with a lot of red colour, Even though the advertisement lies on some corner of the screen, the redness of whole screen is affected. The whole screen becomes more reddish.





I'll update with IMEI later

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