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Fanfold Paper
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bootloader unlock not working

i try to go to the motorola website to unlock my bootloader i do all the steps and it says Your Device Does Not Qualify For Bootloader Unlock hhere is my get_unlock_data key 
(bootloader) Unlock data:
(bootloader) 3A15480909865726#
(bootloader) 5A5933323251434C5347006D6F746F2067280000#
(bootloader) F48E47BE21F72F1F5D676EB191DEA5174FA02D9E#
(bootloader) F6B54275000000000000000000000000



and my getvar


(bootloader) version: 0.5
(bootloader) version-bootloader: moto-sdm450-C3.07
(bootloader) product: ali
(bootloader) board: ali
(bootloader) secure: yes
(bootloader) hwrev: PVT2
(bootloader) radio: 1
(bootloader) storage-type: emmc
(bootloader) emmc: 32GB SKHYNIX HBG4a2 RV=08 PV=A5 FV=00000000000000A5
(bootloader) ram: 3GB SKHYNIX LP3 DIE=8Gb M5=06 M6=04 M7=00 M8=5F
(bootloader) cpu: SDM450
(bootloader) serialno: ZY322QCLSG
(bootloader) cid: 0x0012
(bootloader) channelid: 0x93
(bootloader) uid: F6B5427500000000000000000000
(bootloader) securestate: oem_locked
(bootloader) iswarrantyvoid: no
(bootloader) max-download-size: 534773760
(bootloader) reason: Reboot mode set to fastboot
(bootloader) imei: 351849090687562
(bootloader) meid:
(bootloader) date: 05-04-2018
(bootloader) sku: XT1925-6
(bootloader) carrier_sku: XT1925-6
(bootloader) battid: SB18C15119
(bootloader) iccid:
(bootloader) cust_md5:
(bootloader) max-sparse-size: 268435456
(bootloader) current-time:
(bootloader)[0]: motorola/ali_amz/ali:8.0.0/OPSS27.
(bootloader)[1]: 104-15-10-4/3:user/release-keys
(bootloader) poweroffalarm: 0
(bootloader)[0]: Blur_Version.27.211.3.ali_amz.amz
(bootloader)[1]: .en.US
(bootloader) LA.UM.6.6.r1-04400-89xx.0
(bootloader) version-baseband: M450_02.07.10.50R ALI_NA_CUST
(bootloader) kernel.version[0]: Linux version 3.18.71-perf-g13c91d4 (hud
(bootloader) kernel.version[1]: soncm@ilclbld32) (gcc version 4.9.x 2015
(bootloader) kernel.version[2]: 0123 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT
(bootloader) kernel.version[3]: Thu Jul 5 00:49:07 CDT 2018
(bootloader) sbl1.git: git=MBM-NG-VC3.07-0-g4650d8f
(bootloader) rpm.git: git=b8a3a39
(bootloader) tz.git: git=9d7fd28-dirty
(bootloader) devcfg.git: git=9d7fd28-dirty
(bootloader) keymaster.git: git=9d7fd28
(bootloader) cmnlib.git: git=9d7fd28
(bootloader) cmnlib64.git: git=9d7fd28
(bootloader) prov.git: git=9d7fd28-dirty
(bootloader) aboot.git: git=MBM-NG-VC3.07-0-g52bf6ea
(bootloader) frp-state: no protection (210)
(bootloader) ro.carrier: amz
(bootloader) current-slot:
(bootloader) slot-suffixes: _a
(bootloader) slot-count: 1
(bootloader) slot-successful:_a: INVALID
(bootloader) slot-successful:_b: INVALID
(bootloader) slot-bootable:_a: INVALID
(bootloader) slot-bootable:_b: INVALID
(bootloader) slot-retry-count:_a: unknown
(bootloader) slot-retry-count:_b: unknown



Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: bootloader unlock not working

If you have problems unlocking the bootloader of the phone, please post here:


Locking thread.


Motorola Support

**Please don't ask me questions by Personal Message; questions belong in the forums.

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