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What's DOS?
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Never again would i buy one of your phones

Just a word in warning, I had there x force phone, under warranty it developed screen faults so I tried to take it back to CPW where I bought it, they sent me packing as they only sell Motorola phones but don't fix them, so I sent it off to Lenovo repair center, months later after a battle to get it fixed it comes back, I go on holiday and take my phone as you do to keep in touch with the kids back home, never once did my phone leave my apartment, my phone starts to over heat badly when I switched it on one evening, so much so I couldn't hold the phone, so I switched it off, tried again later once cooled and same again, once home I contact Lenovo as the phone is still under warranty, this time they were not interested in looking at the phone what so ever, so I took it to a local phone repairer and he had a look and he told me that when you send your phone back for a repair they are never re sealed properly so when you then go on holiday to a warm climate they do not like humidity and damp moist air can get into your phone and short it out, I put this to Motorola/ Lenovo and guess what, they didn't want to know !.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Never again would i buy one of your phones

Sounds just like my experience with my 2 month old Z2 Force screen peeling.  Lenovo wanted me to send it in pay $50 foranew screen  and wait a week for a phone I use for business. I guarantee they wouldn't send in their business phones for a week long wait.

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