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What's DOS?
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Re: Oreo on Moto X Force - XT1580


nothing personal, but I'm afraid "the Moto X Force will not get the Oreo update anymore" just does not cut it.


It is absolutly unaceptable for this "motorola flagship" litle over 2 years on the markt and still sold a year ago already stopped getting updates or new android versions.

Is there anyone at Lenovo who can make us users understand this policy?

And make us not turning our back on Motorola for our next smartphone?


Or is it posible Lenovo will reconsider and make a lot of users hapy. We paid a lot off mony for this device and get nothing while cheaper models get an update.




What's DOS?
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Re: Oreo on Moto X Force - XT1580

Well i for one will never buy another motorola product again , we bought 120 of these and to be fair they are great devices as our engineers use them and the screens are great being bomb proof (which was the main reason we opted for them as they managed to take out on average 3 screens a year on samsung phones) because moto wont update them although they obviously can be we will be replacing them with another manufacturers , quite honestly i would expect better from motorola but they are obviouly being greedy and expect their customers to keep buying new phones every year or two and having virtually NO security updates is unacceptable escpecially when newer cheaper less powerful and lower spec models ARE getting updates.

Punch Card
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Re: Oreo on Moto X Force - XT1580

I do not understand You guys. Why do You all desire updates so much? Isn't your phone working properly? What is the reason of those complains? If phone was created to work with lollipop by army of engineers, and still manages it well, what the hell do you want to achieve? Lie yourself and friends, that phone is not aging? What is the reason of "upgrading" OS? To have more options but half of performance? Read about all those people tears, who upgraded 2 levels of android, they can not reverse it and their phones are so slow ang laggy, that becomes useless. If apps don't force You to update the OS, don't do that. If not, You will get Oreo (cookie) but you will loose... caramel cake.