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Blue Screen Again
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Backing up files while in TWRP recovery mode

Hi, my phone is stuck in a reboot loop, but I was able to get it into recovery mode and have the TWRP program installed. I can also see files when I plug the phone into my PC, so I was able to copy photos and some other files.


I understand from reading about the boot loop problem that the only way to get the phone to work is a factory reset (if that's not the case, please tell me what to do to fix it without wiping everything off). Maybe there is some option to debug the phone in TWRP, if the loop is caused by a bug? I tried clearing the cache already, but that didn't help.


If I do have to wipe the phone, before I do that, is there any way to do a Whatsapp backup in TWRP? I have copied the photos but would like to restore conversations too once I install it again. What about text messages, is it possible to restore them again? I'm not sure if they were saved on my sim card or not.





Bit Torrent
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Re: Backing up files while in TWRP recovery mode

Can't help with the other problems but you can backup WhatsApp to the PC via USB cable.


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