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Paper Tape
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------- CQATest -------

What is CQATest and how did I get it on my phone?


And more importantly, how do you remove it?




Broadband 3G
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Re: ------- CQATest -------

It's a factory testing app that goes through all hardware features on the device.  It's used during assembly at the factory and at the repair center.


To access it, you enter the bootloader and select Factory mode.  It's useful in determining hardware faults.

Paper Tape
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Re: ------- CQATest -------

Ele esta provocando falha no aparelho pedindo o funcionamento como do aparelho receber sinal GPRS .
Paper Tape
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Re: ------- CQATest -------

My Lenovo g4 g4 phone went into the test all by itself. My phone was dropped in the water yesterday and has some water under the screen but is otherwise working. How long does the test take they better keep running?
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