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Fanfold Paper
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Moto X Pure Edition Microphone not working on phone app

I have a moto x pure 16GB (XT 1575). The microphone is only intermittently working for the phone app. It will also only randomly work with a headset plugged in. It WILL, however, work when recording video, with OK Google commands, etc. Basically, it will work everywhere BUT with the phone app. Based on this info, there likely isn't physical damage to the microphone. Audio in video recordings is crystal clear. When the mic does intermittenly work for calls, its only for a few seconds. This is not the case with any other app, such as camera/video. It will continue to work with any other app the requires audio.


So far I have tried:

  • Resetting the phone to factory settings with no change
  • Clearing the system cache
  • Disabling ALL apps
  • Purchasing a pair of earbuds with a built in mic
  • Removed/replaced the SIM card 
  • Powered down the phone multiple times
  • Restarted in Safe Mode

The phone has not been dropped, exposed to water or dirt, or abused in any way. Always in a case with a screen protector. It literally worked on one call, then 5 minutes later it wouldn't work. 


This particular phone is a factory refurb supplied by Motorola after my first MXPE decided to stop connecting to any network after less than a year in use. This one has lasted about a year and a half before giving out. Talk about planned obsolecense. 


Fanfold Paper
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[SOLVED] Moto X Pure Edition Microphone not working on phone app

If anyone else experiences the same issue, I recommend Force Stopping the Phone App in Settings before you go buy a new phone. After being able to successfully use the voice recorder app or the video camera, I was convinced that there was nothing physically wrong with the microphone. The issue was only occurring with the phone app, with some calls working just fine. Also, it would not work with a pair of wired headphones. I didn't have a wireless pair to test with. But bottom line is if the mic is working with other apps that record sound, then the app is fine. Your problem is likely a software or network issue. 


I would recommend force stopping the app multiple times and restarting your phone BEFORE resetting it to factory settings, but DEFINITELY back it up if you do have to reset it. 


Eventually, I just turned the phone off for about an hour, then powered it back on. Then I force stopped the phone app and tested it again. Eventually it started working again. Hope this helps and saves you a mortgage payment :-)

What's DOS?
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Re: [SOLVED] Moto X Pure Edition Microphone not working on phone app

Thank you!  My phone got wet but not very wet.  Everything was working except the microphone and speaker.  Speaker worked for the alarm, not for music or phone.  Force quit phone app, and now I am back in action.  AAA+++, would solve problem again!

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