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Moto X Pure Nav button touches not where they should be

At first I thought my navigation keys were not working, but when I rotate phone, into landscape mode, they work fine. I turned on Show Touches under developer options and could see that when I touch where the 'button' is, the screen is showing that I am touching just above where I actually touch. 


This problem used to come and go, but now it is all the time. I will note that when they would work, the phone would open and close random things, even when it was lying flat on a table and nothing was touching it at all. Now that they are not 'working', the phone has not been opening and closing things all by itself. 


I booted to safe mode, no difference, so I assume it is not app related. I would like to know if anyone else has had this issue and how they fixed it, or, how I should go about fixing. I like the phone, would like to have it working again. 

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