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Paper Tape
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Re: No media sound from speakers

@Malachi42 wrote:

Starting today, there is no media sound from the built in speakers.  Ringers, notifications, and alarms work fine.  But, when I play music or videos (Google Play Music and YouTube) there is no audio unless I plug in headphones (which work fine).  Nor, can I hear the assistant.

In Settings/Sound & Notification, I can adjust the Alarm and Ring volume and hear the sample sound fine, but when I adjust the Media volume I hear nothing, unless I plug in headphones in which case I can hear it fine.

What's wrong?  What happened to my media sound?



I just had the exactly same problem that you described (only the original problem and not those from other guys).

And I think I found a solution... And I found it at the last moment, when I was about to downgrade my android version. 

Ok the solution that worked for me was to restart the cellphone in safe mode:

1- First, you should push the power buttom, and screen with the shutdown option will appear.

2- You will keep pushed this option for a few seconds and a promt to enter into safe mode will appear and you accept it.

3- After entering in safemode you will note that the sound came back, so now you should normally restart your phone.

4- Done, now your sound has come back like magic.


I'm not sure of why we had this problem but I think that it is because I'm not using the google launcher. In my case I prefer the Nova launcher because the google one is the worst ever, and mainly because of the google bar everywhere. Anyway, i just start using my Nova launcher again and I recovery the sound functionality.


Good luck for you !


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Re: No media sound from speakers

Have you noticed that you replied to a thread where the last post was about 1½ YEARS ago?
Paper Tape
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Re: No media sound from speakers

I know a solution to this...
Had the same problem on my x play
You should install soundabout from the play store and for media select 'let app decide' this shld help fix the problem.. worked for me but was slow in switching when plugging earphones
What's DOS?
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Re: No media sound from speakers

It worked! Thank you!

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