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Worst Services. There seems no Authority in company to keep check..! WORST WORST!!

2017-09-18, 7:33 AM

I would like to bring it to your(Motorola) attention that the services of your company has BECOME awful. I had been Motorola consumer since long and so I influenced many people to buy Motorola. Similarly I convinced my brother to buy Motorola too. But this time, the way events unfolded, I no longer believe I would ask anyone to buy Motorola, if anything I’ll make sure to share my experience based on this following incident to convince people otherwise.


Steps you (Motorola) have forced me to take


I have started opening complaint reference numbers via online integrated mail system. Till now I have opened around 180+ complaints. As I promised I will make sure to open another 3000 within 3 months.  I’ll not let support rest. They can ignore me at first I’ll make sure to try and make my point visible on the stats. When question is raised about so many complaints being raised from single city and not one is resolved.


I have started posting negative reviews on Social Media. You can check Motorola channel on Youtube you would find my comments in few videos. You can have me blocked there But I’ll soon start posting negative review/opinion based on my experience of this incident on Unboxing videos, review videos and such. You can’t have me blocked there. And that’s the place where most people look for social validation before buying a phone.  


I happen to be Moderator of Motorola fan community on Google+ which has more than 71,000 members in it. I’ll make sure to share my experience there too. it would atleast get attention of 7 people out 71,000. I will sure share my experince on other social platforms too. 


Regardless of winning or losing you have pushed me to file a case in consumer forum.


Why am I doing what I am doing?


One service centre gave me phone back after keeping it 20 days and said they cannot provide me service and I should go to another service centre. I thought okay fine. I go to another service centre submit my phone. And that where it all started. They didn’t only failed to provide me status of repair but they also misbehaved on number of occasionsThey refused to take my written complaint AFTER READING IT and said we will not accept this complaint and take whatever legal actions you are could. I made repeated complaints about their behaviour to your company’s customer care team but after a while they just started ignoring me.  Service centre returned me phone after another 40+ days and in condition in which I wasn’t able to check it properly there. Within very few days later the same problem surfaces from same part as before. It took your people to 2 months and even then you gave back the phone unrepaired.


I didn’t care if the name of service centre in B2X or GJR I gave phone for repair in Motorola authorized service centre. Inner working of your organization shouldn’t be my concern. If you are closing down one service centre then in all cases it is your responsibility to transfer work/phones from one to another, it’s not the job for customer to have to come collect piece and then again sit at another service centre for another hour and half and then re submit phone. I have attached photo written statement from your service centre denying me service after 20 days. That alone according to consumer law is offense. But even then I considered it and made no complaints about it but then other service centre had the nerve to misbehave. When I asked them “why don’t you guys pick up the phone, how will ask the status of phone if you don’t pick up the phone?” They asked me to show proof that I ever called them. Is this how your staff is trained?


Even now I am toyed around by your customer support and it’s been long since I have had enough, but it’s only been somethings that has been keeping me busy. But I’ll make time to make those 3000 complaints in three months. I already made a 100 complaints in one single night. Now your staff wants me to go to service centre again? And without providing any assurances or point of contact. Your customer care staff has not only ignored my mails but on record have lied and mislead me time and again. I have kept recordings of conversations. I have the both, the right and will to share those recording with both the court and public. To court as evidence of how I was treated; to public experience of how a customer has been treated.


I was a long-time customer you lost. Not only you lost but you misbehaved, lied and neglected. I care about my credibility more than Motorola care about it’s I guess! I influenced my brother to buy Motorola phone now I have to explain to him every time why his phone isn’t repaired till now in more than 3 months.

Are these the standards your company has fallen too? Really, disgraceful and disappointing services and more importantly the behavior of your service center staff. I made repeated request that I be connected to high ranking responsible person but nothing happens.


Be at my place, and ask yourself would you go to the same service center again that has once returned your phone unrepaired and to add has misbehaved with you and that to without any assurance from the company. I agreed yesterday to go to service centre on a promise that I won’t have to ask service center anything, that I would be provided status update in every 3 days and that I would be provided 4g loaner handset for time being but today another guy calls me and says this is not gonna happen. Your staff isn’t even on the same page one guy says one thing and other guy calls and denies it. I agreed to go to service center. But no more.


I said I have recordings right. Now try and imagine why I started keeping recordings? what must have compelled me to record conversations? That was experience, lesson I learned dealing with your men. They taught me there words cannot be trusted. Had you ever had to go to such lengths of keeping recordings in case of getting service for a product? You put my credibility on line you misbehaved with me you lied and neglected me and of it all I have proof. Maybe your company won’t help at all, Maybe I even loose consumer forum case, but for sure I’ll share my experience with every person I can, I will surely convince whoever I can to not buy Motorola and sure as hell I’ll keep opening those complaints via integrated mail for atleast a year. And that’s a promise. 


It's all on how you make me walk away from this issue. disappointed? or satisfied? I thought maybe if my mail would find upper management then atleast they would look into it and take necessary steps. But it either this type of behaviour with customer has become general practice in company or mails aren't reaching upper management. I was your customer since before there was such thing as smartphones and this is the way I am treated? 

Suyash Gupta
Signature Ink Infotech
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