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Paper Tape
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Re: Android Auto random disconnects 8.1.0 OPW28.2

So I came to check on this and looks like things are still not working for anyone?

I'm having the same problem with a Moto Z3 - OPWS28.70-47-8 - on a Android 8.1.0 andI was thinking about buying a new cable. Since I live in Brazil, shiping a specific cable won't be so easy so I wanted to check here if this is really the best option or should we move to the class action thing?  

Punch Card
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Re: Android Auto random disconnects 8.1.0 OPW28.2

@renas_o Yup. I haven't had any news here or on the Z4 forum other than use a better cable.


Since I originally recommended the RAMPOW cable. I found a deal on an Anker 1m cable which is working better currently than the rampow. I think a combination of teh 1m instead of 2m and fresh springs on the contacts seems to help.


Too bad moto didn't make better hardware and none of us would have to deal with this.


Anker cables I just bought:

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