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Re: Android Auto worst after Pie Update - Disconnects right after connected

I have registered on this forum only to post my frustrations regarding Moto X4 and AA.


I was excited that I have bought a vehicle that can use AA and I do not have to carry with me a separate GPS or look at my small phone screen for GPS. Since the day I bought my vehicle in Summer 2019, I have been just frustrated to use AA on vehicle through X4. The connection would not long last and/or would disconnect randomly (anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute). So just like every frustrated user here, I have spend hours on internet trying to find a soultion. I have tried multiple cables or multiple X4 phones all with the same result, random disconnect.


Vehicle: Honda Odyssey

Phone: Moto X4 with Android One (my wife has the same phone and build number)

Operating System: Android Pie 9, updated to latest security updates (PPWS29.69-39-6-2)

Android Auto Version: 4.9.594934-release


So, I had an old Android phone that was laying around and not turned on for two years. I've decided to updated all Google software along with Android Auto in this old phone. I've plugged this old phone in to the vehicle and went for a test ride for 20 miles in December 2019 and I was pleasantly surprised that the connection lasted for the 20 miles and back home. Finally had a hope that I can use AA in my vehicle!! I was going to report my findings here but wanted to test more with this old phone since I was taking a long trip (3000+ miles) for the holidays.


After the 3000+ miles trip, I can report that AA was good but not perfect with this old phone. I never had one single disconnect even though the cable was a very thin wire (so it is not the cable's fault). I had Google Play music freeze up 2-3 times and the menu froze 1 time, and lost directions sometimes when I had to exit the vehicle and restart the engine. Most of these issues were fixed by unplugging and replugging the phone and some of the other issues I would expect are Android developmental issues that would be solved over time.


Old Phone: LeEco S3

Operating System: Android Marshmellow 6.0.1

Android Auto Version: 4.9.594934-release


For me, the lesson learned is no more Lenova/Motorola until they get their act together. The whole point of not carrying around multiple devices for phone/GPS/music needs to be figured out by any company before people start trusting/buying their products.


Good luck to other frustrated users.

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