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Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Camera blurry on Moto x4

We'd like to see how pictures turn out using the stock camera app. If you have a third-party camera, we'd like to see how it turns out as well. Can you share sample pictures please?


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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Camera blurry on Moto x4

I think some of the issue may be the type of focusing system the x4 uses. Most (almost all) cell cams focus by adjusting the lens to get the most contrast on the sensor. small movements don't change the image that much, The x4 focuses by Phase Detection. Basically the camera comparing two (or more) and when they match the frame is in focus. Since focus is on a pixel level a slight movement of the camera can totally change the pixels the camera is comparing and thus the searching / changing focus. I don't know if there is a way to set the focus length but you CAN tell the camera what area you want the camera to focus on. Drag the focus circle to what or where you wan the camera to focus on, release then press the circle and hold till a lock appears. There you go. Touch the screen again and the camera resets to default (I think).
Paper Tape
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Re: Camera blurry on Moto x4

Thanks to both of you for your posts. @D8: yes, i think you are right when talking about the focus system in general. The manual placement of the focus circle doesn't help, I tried this already before.. 


But I have made further test and found a solution (thanks to another post in this forum):


The focus problem happens for me ONLY in FullHD 1080p/60fps (60 frames per second). If i choose 4k or FullHD 1080p/30fps the problem is gone.


So for everyone searching for a solution with a constantly lost focus during video try to change the resolution/fps.





Paper Tape
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Blurry pictures with Moto X4. We have 3 of these phones in our household.

The camera on the Moto X4 used to be very good, but somewhere along the way the camera and video has become horrible on all three of our phones.  I don't think it's coincidental that all 3 are having the same issue.  Blurry subjects.  Absolutely horrible.  The zoom quality is attrocious and the video quality is also very terrible.  Why is this happening in all 3 cameras when they used to work great?  We are so very disappointed and expect an answer to this.  I also noticed that others are having the same issues.....One would think you would have come up with a solution by now.  Doesn't bode well for us purchasing another Motorola phone if this issue is not resolved quickly and easily.  

What's DOS?
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Re: Camera blurry on Moto x4


Hands down the most offensive comment I've come across in a very long time.


Paper Tape
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Re: Camera blurry on Moto x4

Is there any development on this focusing issue?  I too am experiencing completely blurry photos with the regular lens on a brand new Moto X4, both in autofocus and manual focus.  The wide angle lens is ok, but has a distorting effect on the sides that I wouldn't want to use for every photo.  Updated to latest system software.  

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