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Paper Tape
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Formatting SD card as internal storage


I cant formatting micro SD cars as internal storage (message internal error). I use Samsung microSDXC 128GB EVO Plus UHS-I U3 Class 10.

How can i solve this problem.



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Re: Formatting SD card as internal storage

SD cards no longer supported as internal storage.

It is a Google / Android restriction.

Sd's can be used to store files (some apps allow it). 

I also use SD to store backups when i connect X4 to PC via USB cable.

Paper Tape
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Re: Formatting SD card as internal storage

But before formatting, I can choose how to use SD card.viber image 2019-04-06 , 09.59.31.jpg

What's DOS?
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Re: Formatting SD card as internal storage

This same problem is occuring for me. I awoke on Monday or Tuesday to my phone telling me that my SD card had been corrupted and would need to be formatted before it could be used. I took the SD card out, set it to the side and ordered a new one online.


I plugged the original into an adapter and intended to start data recovery from my PC, but the SD card was fine, not a byte out of place.


The new SD card came in today and I plugged it in, brand new 128Gb SD card, my X4 told me I needed to format the card before I could use it. The screen told me the format completed succesfully, but the storage screen immediately showed "Corrupted" for the SD card status, and added another notification that I needed to format the SD card before I would be able to use it.

I tried the top option (Use as extra phone storage), it errors out at 40% with "Internal error" pop up on the screen. And kicks me back to the storage screen with a purple SD card icon that still says "Corrupted".

I tried the bottom option (Use for file transfer/storage), it jumps from 20% to "Your SD card is ready to use" and then when going back to the storage screen the card is listed as "Corrupted" with a gray icon.

I tried formatting from the notification where it didn't ask me which version to do but just chose one on its own. End result is going back to the storage screen with "Corrupted".


I've tried just spamming through options, and seeing if maybe it would work one of the times, sometimes the icon showed up as gray, sometimes as purple, sometimes as blue, every single time the SD card remained unreadable by any application and the storage menu showed "Corrupted"


At one point, through a mad flurry of formatting/cancelling where I'm not even sure what I did, because I acknowledge exitting one of the screens while it was in progress, the SD card showed as visible. "Thank goodness," I thought, "That was annoying, but at least it's over, maybe there's some workaround to get it to format and recognize, now I'm done, and don't have to deal with this again." It showed as visible in Solid Explorer, it was visible in the default android file explorer, storage options showed its size, glorious frabjous day, my phone works again. Files could be transferred to and from the SD card without issue, but alas, it was not meant to be, after a restart, a quick trip to the storage screen again shows "Corrupted".


So I am without my audio books, music, comics, downloaded shows, etc. with a 16 hours of plane flights on Saturday. Joy...


I again make the point that this is a brand new SD card, fresh out of the package, and I have verified my old SD card with a full write/read verification that it can be read, written, mounted etc. by my PC without any issue.


I have been able to replicate this extremely random process to mount the SD card 3 times, with many "Corrupted" formattings in between. Mounting and unmounting the SD card also brings it back up as "Corrupted"

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