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Blue Screen Again
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Moto X 4 Charge Port Issues (Very Hot and Not Charging)

I've been charging my phone for over a year with no issues.  Two days ago while charging, I went to pick up the phone and the charge port and charging cable right next to the port were extremely hot to the touch.  The cable plastic also started to melt and smell burnt right where the connection was.  I let it cool down and tried to reconnect it a few hours later.  The phone battery indictor would then alternate between charging and not charging consistently (almost immediately switching back and forth) and the port/cable connection would get extremely hot and the cable started smelling like it was burning.


Changed the cable and tried multiple chargers.  Same issue no matter which cable was used.  Prior to this, I did notice when I plugged in any cable with any charger (even the included charger), I would have to unplug and flip the USB-C cable for the fast (turbo) charging to take place, otherwise it would charge very slowly.  This leads me to believe the charging port and/or voltage regulator are bad.


My phone is now out of warranty and it's a paperweight since the battery ran out and it cannot be charged safely (concerned it will catch on fire).  I look at some videos on YouTube and it does appear the charging port can be replaced.  However, does anyone know if there is a separate "voltage regulator" or if it's built in to the charge port?  I can order a replacement online for some $12-$15 dollars and have it installed a local repair shop for $50 dollars.  


I found some other posts similar to this one but no true update/solution from Lenovo or the users who posted.  I appreciate any input and assistance.  Thank you.

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