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Moto X4 microSD card - portable storage contents missing then showing then missing

2020-01-01, 1:42 AM

I use a Moto X4 on the Google Fi network. I have a 128GB microSD card (uhs 1). I originally set it up on the phone before the Android 8 update, and I was/am storing information from some apps on the card.  Now I'm running 9.0 with the most recent update available for my area - Build number PPWS29.69-39-6-2.


I have always been very careful to unmount the sd card and turn off the phone when I remove it to add or remove media (music; ebooks; audiobooks). A couple of days ago, I followed my usual procedure, but when I reinserted the card, the file system no longer showed the contents of the card. (see attached screenshot image - the card name is "OTTERTAIL")

Many of the (third party) apps on the phone can see the contents of the card, such as a drm-free ebook reader; Gallery app and a video screen-recorder app. However my music and sound files are not being seen or played properly by third party apps (paid versions). The 3rd party sound apps will start to play and then stop playing or begin to skip to the next selection. Or more often, they play fine for about 10 minutes and then I see a message saying the contents of the folder is empty.

I have tried a number of solutions.
1) unmounted and mounted the sd card without removing it; restarted the phone. I works for a while and then the files disappear.
2) backed up the contents of the card and put it back into the phone and used the built-in Files app to reformat the card. After I did that all the folders and contents showed up properly. But within about 20 minutes, the sound and all other files seem to 'disappear' again.
3) Internal storage was getting fairly low, so I uninstalled a few third party apps. I then unmounted and remounted and restarted.
4) I also ran a security/virus malware check of all the files and did a sweep/cleanup of old/empty files and folders

Frustration continues ongoing for the last few days. Any ideas of other possible solutions to this very odd problem?


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Re: Moto X4 microSD card - portable storage contents missing then showing then missing

2020-01-01, 11:06 AM

Whenever I get a new SD card from experience I never trust that it's been partitioned/formatted correctly and I don't like Phone's formatting.


Here's what I would do. As you have backed up the data take the card and and if possible format it on a PC but I use a better Free Program called Minitool Partition Wizard. 


This is  powerful tool so make sure you only only work on the correct device once you have opened MPW as it can wipe your Hard drives e.g you have highlighted the SD card in the program.


Delete the partition on the SD card.


Re-create as FAT 32 or NTFS. NTFS is more secure and can handle larger file sizes over 4Gb but will cause more wear-and-tear on the SD card as it uses more Read/Writes so I would stick to Fat32.


See if that cures the problem. I've seen several posts about problems with these newer larger SD cards and Android. I'm stilll using the old max 32Gb Class 10 SD cards and they don't give me any problems in any devices.


Also the stock file managers can be limited so I use a better free one from the Playstore(no ads),


HTH :)



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