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Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Moto X4 won't charge and won't turn on.

@starsy wrote:

How can I fix this? 


I've tried everything. The holding the power button 20s, and holding the volume down and power button for 2 minutes. Nothing works. 


My x4 at least used to flicker on and show that it had 0% battery for 1 second. Now it won't even do that. Is Lenovo going to help the people where this issue is happening because there has been a lot of reports of this is occurring and their solutions have not worked. It's obviously some sort of issue either in the hardware/software, no clue! But to have a new phone that I bought late last year only last 6 months and to not have any alternative I can use right now is really so inconvenient. It's making me regret buying this phone because Motorola has been my favorite brand. 



Hi, starsy!


Thanks for posting, we are here to help. Please try the suggested troubleshooting steps above this thread and let me know how it goes.




Moto Support

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto X4 won't charge and won't turn on.

My Moto X4 did the same thing.  Definitely perform all of the troubleshooting, but I would be prepared to buy a warranty for about $25.00 and send it back to Motorola for a replacement.

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto x4 won't power up

Add me to the ever-growing list of people this has happened to.

It only started after I updated the software.

My X4 is stuck on 8%, shows "charging", yet the battery is not drawing/recharging any power. I've tried all the steps:
* check cable and outlet
* different cables
* powering from computer USB as well as wall socket
* 30-sec-vol-down-plus-2-min-hold-power for the complete reboot.

I'd say, given all the reports, that it's pretty obvious at this point that the software update has broken some phones, even if not all of them, and is now preventing many batteries from charging.

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