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Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Motorola/Lenovo: Request Signed Factory Images

@n0 wrote:
Fi has never challenged my "homebrew", nor did t-mobile, nor AT&T, and I've had zero problems with features not working on any of them.
Yes, google doesn't make the gapps base officially available, so the community steps in - just like they've unfortunately had to do to make factory images available for the x4 and your other phones. Yes, you can make most any phone act like a nexus/pixel. Bonus: No terrible motorola modifications to stock android! And faster updates! And fifth-of-the-month full security updates, not the "may or may not include all previous security patches" first-of-the-month levels.

If your company offered images, that would reduce your support burden, result in fewer bricked phones, and produce a better power user experience (which also encourages us to recommend your phones to our family and friends).

Also awaiting your response to my questions in my last post

No more responses because the bottom line is that Moto doesn't support modding.  Any conversation we have is meaningless.  Who knows?  Maybe some day the policy will change.

Paper Tape
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Re: Motorola/Lenovo: Request Signed Factory Images

I am not sure who you think you are to say "no more responses," this thread has NOTHING to do with modding.  This thread has everything to do with supplying signed images for factory restoring for phones that could need it under a variety of different circumstances.  Phones don't just require this as a result of "modding."  I have had many cases where my phone has become corrupted enough that it needed a full factory flash of a signed rom with the provided tool in order to restore its health.  Even OTAs can mess up a phone.  This thread is about providing the signed images and flash tool... simple as that.  We all know this is already a practice that motorola provides for SOME phones.  Why they would choose not to for this one has yet to be explained.  But you can refrain from YOUR responses... as they are unproductive and sidestep the actual topics.

What's DOS?
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Re: Motorola/Lenovo: Request Signed Factory Images

I believe you all should become a part of my lawsuit and turn it into a class action. After you all gave a good example of why they would not release images. Being it would allow us to get warranty service. Which actually, would allow the phone to go back to factory quality function making all know problems go away, saving motorola money. Otherwise, it is entrapment and we have other phones on the bootloader unlock page to prove it. Those phones have images to relock the phones. It even says that the bootloader can be relocked again after flashing them. I have a Nexus 5x and me and other owners are going to do what it takes to ruin Motorola. I am a part of this because of a Motorola One which is a Android One phone which is stock Android. It has now been returned to Best Buy. Why would they treat Android developers this way, who make custom roms which a real lot of people use on these types of phones. When people get what they want, custom roms, they enjoy the handset more and want to stay with the company they invested in.

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