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New to Moto and Moto x4

Hi. I am going to order the standard 32GB version of the unlocked Moto x4 (along with a tpu case) soon. This will be my first Moto smartphone. My understanding is that the phone will update to Android 9.0 (Pie) and will have a security update from January 2019.


So I have a few questions.


1). I've read that the standard version of the Moto x4 receives 2 OS updates with Pie being the last one. I've also read that the Standard Moto x4 will continue to receive security updates. How long will the phone continue to receive security updates? Is it "forever" or will the security updates end on some date? I assume that the updates in any case will come less frequently than on the Android one version - which seems to get monthly updates.


2). I was thinking that when I get the phone to first let it do all the updates, then factory reset it.. I've read this can fix any bugs as the OS updates.. does this sound like a wise practice? I don't mind doing it. I intend on clean installing everything and will not be using backups.


3). Call quality and volume... is the call quality loud and clear? Also just in general with media.. is the volume reasonably loud? On Android 9?


4). Also, how is the camera on the phone.. especially the 12 MP rear shooter? I've read everything from great to awful. Is there something that can be done to get the best out of it? I've read some people use a Google camera app with it to improve low light shots.


5). Finally, with visual voice mail (VVM).. I've read that Android itself has a VVM app build into the phone app/dialer and that it is more flexible than factory installed apps.. Does the phone app in the Moto have this built in native Android VVM?


Thanks in advance!



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Re: New to Moto and Moto x4



I'Thank you for posting. I'll try to answer each of your questions. 


1. Motorola is committed to regular and timely security upgrades as recommended by Google/Android. Kindly check our website and blog site for the software updates.


2. I don't think it is necessary to factory data reset the phone after the upgrade. The device has 2 partitions for the system/software updates. These partitions are A/B partitions, the OS no longer caches system updates.


3. Were these VOLTE calls or regular phone calls?


4. Please share us the camera settings of your phone as well as sample photos so we can check. 


5. I think it's carrier-based, but I'll ask around about that. 


Best regards,
Motorola-Lenovo Support


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Re: New to Moto and Moto x4

If you don't like the Moto camera, you can download the Google Camera APK for the Moto X4. Just google it.
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Re: New to Moto and Moto x4

I just activated my Moto x4 about a week now.  I did let it go through many updates before adding my Sprint sim card and an extra few gig for pictures.  The set up was simple although I could not complete it without calling Sprint. No biggie.  I did get quite a few updates, mostly security updates for a few days straight.  After the phone went up to 8.1 I stopped the os updates...for now.  It wants to update to 9.0 but I am not sure about that just yet.  8.1 is running just great.  Call volume is excellent, media the same, notifications all work.  I took a few pics just to test the camera and they all look fine.  I do not use vvm so can't comment on that.

So as far as I am concerned I love this phone hopefully for a long time.  It just replaced my Galaxy s......ready?....3. yeah if not broke I ain't fixing it, but for the price this phone is awesome.  Today is the second day on no battery charge.  Moderate use only.


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