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Punch Card
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Pictures in text messages vanished after 8.1 update

Yet another bug has been described in Moto X4 phones after the 8.1 updates. Pictures in text messages prior to the update do not appear, and instead there is just a blank message. I can confirm that this occurs for me as well.

Paper Tape
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Another issue with 8.1 update: pictures in old text messages (MMS) are gone

As reported by this reddit post there seems to be another issue with the 8.1 update: All images in text messages (Messages app) that were sent/received prior to the update to 8.1 are gone.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Pictures in text messages vanished after 8.1 update

Does it help if Im not affected by this issue?

What's DOS?
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Re: Pictures in text messages vanished after 8.1 update

Is there any update on this?  I still can't see any of my old MMS pictures, even after I tried to restore from a backup.

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Re: Pictures in text messages vanished after 8.1 update

no reply from lenovorola - as usual.

let me make up a reply for you via role play:

begin roleplay

Dear Sir or Madam ;
Please restart in safe mode and see if problem still exists ->
If problem still exists , wipe your phone and do no install anything but Motorola or Google software. ->
If that doesnt work we will replace your new phone with a disgusting refurbished one because there is no way to downgrade because lenovo doesnt provide an easy way to do so.

(after all this destruction)

oh, we noticed that we know about this bug and all this crazy stuff was not needed.
it will be fixed in a future update. the update may or may not ever come. it is quite possible that if this update comes it could be tomorrow or in one year or more.

end roleplay

Paper Tape
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Re: Pictures in text messages vanished after 8.1 update

I noticed pics missing in Messages over the past weeks, but didn't investigate until today.  I feel fortunate that I had SMS Backup & Restore installed and set to back up regularly.


I can't recall exactly when 8.1 was pushed out to my X4. On 6/19,  the size of my sms backup file was 326MB.  5 days later, it was only 27MB.


As others have mentioned here, restoring from the older backup, does not currently restore the missing images to the X4, regardless of which SMS/MMS app you use.  I did find that when I restored that backup to my old Galaxy S5, all the pics are there.  So at least I know they aren't lost.

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