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Paper Tape
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Smart Lock 'Trusted Places' not working since Android 9.0 Pie update

Hello and thanks for your help!  I updated Moto X4 to Android 9.0 Pie. But now Smart Lock will not recognize my home or friend's home, although I logged both 2 addresses as Trusted Places. Google Fi Forum told me they don't know, please go post on Motorola.  I already tried deleting both Trusted Places, rebooting the phone, and adding them. No effect. Please, how can I get Moto X4 in 9.0 to recognize my 2 Trusted Places, so I need not be putting my fingerprint on the phone all day?



Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Smart Lock 'Trusted Places' not working since Android 9.0 Pie update

Hello, HappyKatya!


Thanks for reaching out. I know how inconvenient this must be for you, allow us to help. Let's try these steps. Kindly go to your device's Settings > Security & Location > Smart Lock. Once there, select "Trusted Places," then tap the location that isn't working properly and select the option to edit it. Tap the map that will appear and slide your finger around to move the red pin to the most accurate location.


Even if the location looks right from the get-go, shift it around a bit to force the system to update it. This will likely change the text you see on the screen from a specific street address (which you typed in some point) to a set of latitude and longitude coordinates. Tap the "Update" command at the bottom of the screen, then hit your device's Home key to exit back to the home screen. Please make sure that all of your applications are up to date as well.


Let me know if this helps.


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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Smart Lock 'Trusted Places' not working since Android 9.0 Pie update

Mine seems to come and go.  One thing I noticed is that when comparing my current location and the outlines of the map features (buildings, etc) between the Trusted Location selection map and Google Maps, they were offset.  In other words, either my location or the map was not displaying correctly in the Trusted Locations selection UI map.

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