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Re: battry drainage after pie update

Hi ayushi91,


Welcome to Forums,


We are really sorry to hear that, we understand the fact that you may experience unusual changes after an update, just let the software settle in and it should normalize in a few days & please find few tips to extend the battery life - Moto X4 device here.


Your particular usage will affect how long you can go before recharging your battery. Navigating, playing games, surfing the Web, making calls and texting all use energy.  You can install and use a wide variety of applications on your device, and each application has its own characteristics. Thus your experience may vary day to day, depending on how you use your device.


For basics around charging, click here for more information.


Battery Saver Mode: Battery Saver helps you keep going on a low battery by automatically restricting mobile data until the next charge. Some apps and services won’t work unless you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.


1.  Swipe the status bar down with two fingers and touchImage

2.  Battery Saver and turn it on.


3.  To turn on Battery Saver automatically when your power is below a specified level, touch Settings > Battery > Battery Saver > Enable Turn on Automatically.


When the phone is in Battery Saver mode, on top (status bar) the battery indicator icon turn red.


Please try above mentioned few tips to extend the battery life & let us know.


Thanks & Regards
Lenovo-Moto Support



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