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What's DOS?
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choppy perfomance while playing pubg

lagging toomuch while playing pubg....tried troubleshooting tips but no use.

Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: choppy perfomance while playing pubg

These games mostly require the highest end processors to run totally smoothly, so on a somewhat less "beefy" phone, the response will not be the perfection you're seeking.


The X4 is a great phone with extraordinary value, but at its price point, it is not what you would call a high-end phone.  However, according to you, the games play, but they hiccup sometimes.  Can you live with that?  Even if you paid another $400-$500 for a more powerful device, there's no guarantee that developers wouldn't write even more complex code that takes advantage of chips that are still in the works.  Is $1,000 really worth it to play a game?


Your choice... 

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