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force droid 2 hotspot connects but no internet

2019-09-05, 21:40 PM

I have straight talk. They limit hotspot use but I never can get an answer as to what the limit is.


Anyway, I have used the hotspot a lot but after a certain amount of usage, it limits connected devices a max of 0.6/0.6 speeds. At my billing cycle date, it resets. So what I usually use is PDAnet connected by USB to my laptop, and once in a while, my kids use my hotspot in the truck.


So the other day, I turned on the hotspot for them and they said it connected but no bandwidth at all.


So I'm wondering if straight talk shut it down completely, or is there something wrong with my phone's hotspot. I have rebooted the phone to factory settings but the problems still exists.


I'm on my laptop now, and I turn on the phone's hotspot, and my laptop connects to it and shows no problems. However, absolutely no bandwidth. Can't even load Chrome says at the bottom, "Waiting for" and basically the same happens with Firefox. Eventually it times out and it says page cannot be found. I am like 1/8 mile from the tower and can see it out my window so it doesn't seem to be anything related to the verizon tower. I also tried the phone with my desktop as it's wireless also, and the same problem. even tried it on my Firestick and it shows no problems, but no bandwidth at all.


Around the 18th I think is when my service resets so I'll know if it's them, but I was wondering what it could be, if it was the phone. as far as I know, no settings have been changed from when it worked.


Thanks for any help. I know it's likely nothing. However I have had some funky things happen with the cell service too. Some good, some bad. My house is straight out from a triangle corner of the Verizon cell tower, 4.5 miles away and I can see it, but being in the corner of the antenna triangle, my service is usually poor. I had 2 verizon techs at my house last year and they were showing me their tools and how the service is affected because of that. I usually have 1 or 2 bars. Now I have 4 and nothing has changed at the tower as I work next to it and can see the antenna have not been rotated. Also, in places around town that I used to have service, now it's dropping out at times. So I'm worried something is up with the phone that also affected the hotspot.


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Re: force droid 2 hotspot connects but no internet

2019-09-06, 0:48 AM

Google's Chrome browser does insist on establishing a connection to Google's server farm before it will move any data.  It can't do that if the hotspot is disabled, and probably won't work at just 600 kbps.  You probably need to discuss your hotspot data issues further with your carrier, Straight Talk. 

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