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Punch Card
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Ideas for additional moto mods

The three moto mods out at launch are a good start. I'm not sure if from now on ideas / creations are limited to developers only, or if Lenovo is still in the process of coming up with additional mods.


I think an important one would be another speaker mod. The JBL sound amazing, but they are also HUGE and impractical for permenant use... It's kind of crazy how the Moto Z only has a basic quiet speaker better suited for speakerphone rather than videos or music.

I think a great fix would be a slimmer speaker mod (thickness similiar to battery mods if not thinner). No need for one used for mass entertainment purposes, just one for casual use.Speakers in earbuds and phones are small but can produce amazing sound, so a slim-profile speaker mod that includes a 3.5mm connection would be awesome and very pratical. It may also possibly be cheaper, maybe 50$? Cue arguments for "why do I need to pay for a function that should have been stock"


Another idea kind of borrows from the Samsung s7 active and other phones. A mod could be added that has additional buttons that can be assigned different tasks / apps/ shortcuts. Short press, double press, long press... Otherwise it would be either a battery pack or just a style mod.

To expand on that idea, perhaps a software update could enable the moto fingerprint scanner to act as a home button and there could be a rear-fingerprint moto mod so a scanner is on the back of an otherwise style shell.


I'm just afraid that outside of maybe a rumored camera mod, this is the limit... With Lenovo reaching out to developers for ideas / constructing their own idea it's almost turned into a kickstarter project... There are some potientals but how likely is Lenovo to fund some interesting ones.... Like the slimmer speakers. Though it would be more pratical for permenant use, they may think it's riduclous to come out with ANOTHER speaker mod that would have less performance than what they released. Or why come out with a rear fingerprint sensor when one is on the front


Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Ideas for additional moto mods

Lenovo has a program out there with a million dollar prize for the next best mod.  There's a mod development kit available to the public.


So, the incentive is there for independent developers to make innovative new mods.   :-)

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Re: Ideas for additional moto mods

The Mod team is starting to collect ideas, so please post if you have any.

Please do not PM me - if you have issues, search the forums for threads on your topic and post there, or start a new thread. Thanks!
Serial Port
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Re: Ideas for additional moto mods

So much can be done wirelessly these days it's hard to think of things that can't be.  Here's what I can come up with... 


1.  Game Controller (Steam) Mod.  I see 2 options here... first a controller for mobile games is obvious but probably not a selling point.  Second would be if they could synch to Steam and wirelessly mirror games to my phone.  It would be pretty sweet to lay in bed or be on a long drive somewhere and play skyrim, fallout4, etc on my computer via my phone.   


The controller would be a bit bigger than your typical controller since the screen would take up the center area, but the screen is big enough to be able to enjoy most games I'd think.



2.  Trade Tools Mod.  I could possibly see a good market for this.  I know lots of carpenters, electricians, etc who use thermal scanners, voltage meters, stud finders, laser tape measures, etc.  If there was a way to combine some of those features into a Mod with some extra battery life and help protect the phone, that could be useful.



3.  Retail mod.  There are lots of scanners and readers and RF units and different tech that use phones as the basis. Could add a Mod that incorporates a card/chip reader and/or connectivity to popular inventory systems to turn the unit into an RF scanner



4.  'Alexa-like' mod.  I wouldn't mind seeing a cradle/dock that could kind of add features similar to an Echo-like home info centre/automator.  Get home, set your phone in the cradle and talk to it to automate different things.  I know Google Now and other tech like this exists... But putting it all in a neat package like a charging dock with speaker would be cool.  Could have it auto connect to wifi and remember docked settings to play music, stream, etc.  Maybe even have Miracast/HDMI out Smiley Happy

Punch Card
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Re: Ideas for additional moto mods

I would like to see even a slimmer battery mod that makes the phone a little less in weight and thickness. The Force already has Jedi type battery power so even if we get less juice from a slimmer profile battery mod it's still a win win for the Force anyway. Also produce the slimmer battery in a variety of colors, textures and material. 


One other thought is some type of sensory mod that will read heat rate possibly blood pressure if possible.  


Even a mod that is a one stop shop if that makes sense. Something that offers several interfaces. This one would be pricey but if developed correctly I believe it would sell well. Better than the pricey projector. 


Competition and motivation brings innovation so there needs to be at least 3 good companies competing with each other. Just my personal thoughts. I absolutely love this phone simply due to the potential of customization.  I couldn't wait for a red mod so I just did it myself. Motorola hurry up while it's hot!!!

Punch Card
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Re: Ideas for additional moto mods

One possibility would be  a mod that incorporates a zink printer.   Occassionally I have attended events where folks like to get copies of a picture immediately and the 2x3's are usually fun to hand out.

For those not familiar, the zink is an all electronic printer that uses a special crystal coated paper rather than ink.

Just a thought

Punch Card
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Re: Ideas for additional moto mods

A car charging dock,  with audio out to aux

it needs to be able to mount to a proclipusa car specific mount or one of the other premium car mount systems.

then with the contacts on the back needs to be able to

1. charge with the high speed or turbo charge
2. bring up an audio mode selection screen that remember the vehicle mode

   a. mode 1 go into android auto mode

   b. mode 2 newer vehicle where phone and audio can connect with bluetooth

   c. mode 3 older vehicle where phone connects with bluetooth but audio does not

   d mode 4 older vehicle with only aux to play audio - phone calls not handled by radio

         i  mode 4a conect to 3rd party bluetooth


mount could have a rubberized hook on the bottom to hang the mod you removed to be able to connect to the car mod


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Ideas for additional moto mods

Hdmi Output

3.5mm out/in

IR Blaster

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Ideas for additional moto mods

 I love your ideas for #2. To expound on your retail idea you could add a credit card reader for those that use their phone with square. I believe you have to have an audio jack which these phones do not to use Square.

What's DOS?
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Re: Ideas for additional moto mods

Hi Sir, I do have a suggestion for the team.  I personally do a lot of hiking and long term hiking trips and I have a buddy who has an iPhone battery pack with a solar panel on it.  With that people who may be outdoors at the park or whatever would not need to plug there phone in.  They would just simply flip there phone over and let it charge.  Now back to my hiking and camping.  If I have the Moto mod with this capability I can simply throw it in my back pack or already have it clipped on and if i get lost and my battery is dead.  This mod could be life saving for someone like me.  Thanks for your time and I hope to see this mod very soon. 

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