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Moto Z Force JBL Soundboost battery drain

Okay, bought the JBL moto mod for my Z Force.  First use at community pool @100% charge max volume.  Battery drained to 0% in 2.5 hrs.  Took home and ran 2 tests @100% charge and same result: 2.5 hrs at full volume to take battery to 0%.  Then tested at half volume and got a 12% per hour drain, hence an 8 hr 20 min burn rate from 100% to 0%.  Called Motorola and talked to a foriegn gentleman that referred me to JBL where I talked to another foriegn gentleman.  Neither were technically saavy, but the JBL rep said I should be betting at least 7 hours at full volume, although I don't think he had any hard data to base this on. Went to Verizon Company Store and explained the situation and they exchanged my unit for another new JBL moto mod.  Operationally tested it this morning at full volume and walla: 100% charge to 0% in 2hrs 35 mins.   The only mention of battery life for the JBL moto mod I can find anywhere is "up to 10 hrs on a full charge".  I believe this is true if you keep your volume below 50%.  However, there are many situations where you need full volume, particularly outside.   Based on my test data, my conclusion is 100% battery drain at full volume in 2.5 hours is not an anomoly.   Can anyone in the community support my findings?  And for Motorola, if my findings are legitimate (which I believe they are), will you please provide potential consumers with battery drain information at various volume levels instead of the "up to 10 hours" weasel wording.  It may pyt a dent in your sales, but it would be the ethical thing to do...  

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Re: Moto Z Force JBL Soundboost battery drain

Can't afford to dent those sales... Were you streaming the music or playing it from device memory? If you were streaming, were you on WiFi or mobile data. If you were on mobile data, how strong was your signal?
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