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Punch Card
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Re: Speaker issue

@TheOriginalAce wrote:

Mine is having the same issue and I'm actually on my second Moto Z Force. The only thing I have noticed that is different than anyone else, is that both my phone's started having the issue after i set up Moto voice. Then connecting to BT sets it off. 


hmm thats strange.  I had the issue and solved it with a  factory reset but I never got around to setting  up the moto voice I just did it though google so I cant say if that would retrigger it on my phone which im not going to try as ive been a week snap sound free

Punch Card
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Re: Speaker issue

hey guys ive solved the cause of this root cause of issue and it is indeed what another user alluded to..  the bluetooth causes the snap to happen yes as wel all now  but I just confirmed MOTO voice is what initially triggers the  issue in the first place


I had to get a replacement Force today becaus of the UI stopping error and  everything with the snap was not present on this new phone until I set up the MOTO Voice phrase. when the phone went to listen for a quiet room I heard the  dreaded snap and now it does it everytime the speaker activates. ( like the twitter app ect)



so I reset the phone again which was a breeze since I hadnt sent my other force back and used NFC to transfer settings.

and there was no more snap even with bluetooth


so this is also why a my factory reset solved  it on my phone the first time as it undid the moto voice set up


im  not sure if the new security patch fixes it but here is a solution if you have the snap.   factory reset your phone then dont activate the moto voice phrase. or better yet dont even click on that part of the app as just listening for a quiet room triggered it. I didnt even take time to say my phrase once I heard the snap as I knew I had triggered the issue.    using the OK Google obviously has no adverse affect its just the inhouse moto voice 



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Speaker problem

My speaker is barely loud enough to hear? Any ideas on how to fix it? I've cleared cache...



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Re: Speaker problem

Have you tried a hardware test from within the Moto Help app?  There is a device diagnosis / hardware test section within the Help app to help test hardware functions (like the speaker).  If it fails that test it might be defective.  If it passes then additional troubleshooting would be the next step.

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