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Paper Tape
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best caller ID app?

I've uesd hiya since they were called white pages and its always been pretty good, but lately I keep seeing the "Name available" label trying to get me to buy premium? is there another option out there that's still decent and free? i d/l truecaller or something then immediatley uninstalled when it said it needed to be the "phone" app - somehow that put me off thinking that all calls would go through it, and since Hiya is kinda slow and sometimes doesn't even work, i didn't want that happening to all my inbound calls.. suggestions? I'll buy premium if necessary but was sure used to a decent quality product for free... 

Bit Torrent
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Re: best caller ID app?

All of these apps need permisions to operate as they need to know what to block and what to let through.I use,"Should I Answer",


and if I get a caller that doesn't come up on the Database but I find to be bogus I report it to the SIA server to help others.


HTH Smiley Happy


Punch Card
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Re: best caller ID app?

I use Drupe now - I even like the dialer better than stock

Fanfold Paper
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Re: best caller ID app?

I use "Hiya" in combination with "Should I Answer"  -- both of them, I'm using the free versions.

Between the two of them...they get the job done.

"Should I Answer" was irritating for a while because in order to block a number I had to fill out a questionnaire each time.

But I soon figured out that there is a toggle button for private and if I just choose private it goes ahead and blocks the number. 


Good Luck!

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