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What's DOS?
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Andriod update

Dear Motorola, when will we get our Andriod Pie update for our z2 play devices ?

Blue Screen Again
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Android pie update z2 play

Any software update for moro z2 Play?

#oreo 8.1

#pie 9.0


Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Android pie update z2 play



You can use this link: Software Upgrade Page to see where your device stands in terms of software upgrades.




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Re: Android pie update z2 play

8.1 will never come, 9.0 at some point next year... Nobody knows when
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Z2 play pie update

When will be the Android Pie update coming  to Moto Z2 play. Almost all phones support Ed are getting these day. Even I heard that the Moto x4 also started receiving Android pie update . So when will it be coming and will it be a 64 bit OS or at least it bring dual volte or potrait mode on Moto camera

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Re: Android P for moto Z2 play

To answer all questions about realease dates motorMot doesn't post specific dates for software updates... With the Moto X Pure they didn't release 7.0.0 until half a year afterwards? Anyways, the Moto Z2 play will get the pie update after all other phones are already running it... Stability over pleasing the crowd... If you wanted updates you'd have a pixel... But they have their own problems... Mostly manufacturing flaws...


Besides, Android 9 will change quite a lot under the hood, and the way your phone works will be changed entirely... We are lucky it's getting updated at all...


Just wait until it releases or buy a new phone that is shipped with pie... That's the verdict.

Fanfold Paper
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Important needs in Pie update in Moto Z2 play

Important needs in Pie update:

1.First of all need scheduled power on off option

2. Idea volte support in India particularly Tamilnadu

3. Fully support dark mode for all native apps and third party apps support

4. Option for data speed in notification & daily data usage in notification panel.

5. Dual apps support

6. Importantly AppLock with fingerprint

7. Display colour mode need more option to better display colours. It's have only standard and vivid mode. standard mode is very low saturate. vivid mode is very high saturate So need in betweenone colour mode.


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Re: Important needs in Pie update in Moto Z2 play

Not holding my breath. Sorry to say, but looking at the platform support, Z2 will very likely be my last Moto device.

Security updates: Slowed down. OS updates: Ever slow. Communication: Minimal (to say the least).

In 2019 any manufacturer should be able to come up with an ETA for an already announced OS update.

According to official blog statement Android Pie is "on it´s way" since August 2018. You don't say, Moto.

Looking at this it is especially frustrating to read these "It's done, when it's done" flavoured statements on the topic.

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Re: Important needs in Pie update in Moto Z2 play

I completely agree with you, the Moto Z2 play will almost certainly be my last Motorola phone... Unless they start pushing better hpones that have the snapdragon 800 series chipset and updates are released at a better rate. It's too bad that will unlikely ever happen.


I think I might switch to the Pixel Lineup or, if I hate myself the Galaxy Line of phones... At this point I am looking around so I can find a phone that will be a good choice by the end of the year... If motorola steps their game up on their handsets I will definitely reconsider, but until then I am looking around...


The reason I find it hard to switch away is that there isnt any bloatware installed by default which is a big turn-off to me. It's too bad too.

Punch Card
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Re: Important needs in Pie update in Moto Z2 play

Lenovo just spoiled all the fun and service. There was a time when g4+ got android N within 5-6 months. And now they're are just avoiding software updates. I don't trust moto now. Atleast give your customer a good hardware (specs) or software update on time.( If you can't give both of them).


P.S. :- this is my last moto phone nd i don't suggest anyone to buy moto these days🤷‍♂️

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