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Paper Tape
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Re: Android P for moto Z2 play

Just got my June security update as well. I'm on the retla channel but in Canada; bought mine from amazon. I'm not holding my breath on android 9 considering the radio silence from motorola. I even had to manually upgrade mine to 8.0.0 since that didn't get installed either OTA.
Fanfold Paper
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Moto z2 play pie update

When z2 play will get Android pie?

Blue Screen Again
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Android P for moto Z2 play

Hi team,


When Moto z2 play upgrade Android 9.

Still I'm not getting any response 😒

Kindly confirm


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Android P for moto Z2 play

Do we have to remind Motorola about moto z2 play pie update... android 10 is about to release....and here we don't have  Moto z2 play pie update...please don't cheat us Motorola...please hurry up and release the pie update...


Bit Torrent
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Re: Android P for moto Z2 play

Why?  Why do you want Pie?  So it can ruin your phone?  Have you seen how bad Pie is for the Z2 Force?  You think it will be better for the Z2 Play?

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