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Re: Moto Z Play Back Getting Scratched

2016-12-12, 7:52 AM

It is of course not a gorilla glass on the back and it was never claimed as such, too! Just put the style mod on the back or use a dBrand skin!

Pretty much what I've said. This device wasn't designed to be used without something on the back of it, or it would have never came with a style shell in the box.


Using this device without something to protect the back of it just risks damage, or further damage and issues. People should be thinking, and treating the mod contacts on the back like a cartridge for a game console, or a SD card. Hell, even a SIM card would be a good example too.

"Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do."
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Re: Moto Z Play Back Getting Scratched

2017-01-07, 18:24 PM

My Z play has had very light use with the free style shell on at all times but the rear glass still has many little chips, the glass like finish is very sub standard compared to almost any other phone today.  I complained to Motorola this morning, they basicly said it must be the way I use it, nobody has ever complained about it before and to go talk to the people I bought from.  So sub standard customer care too!  I think this must be some form of policy by Lenovo as the new Yoga Book is also made from a soft scratchable finish.


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Re: Moto Z Play Back Getting Scratched

2017-01-23, 15:37 PM

I got the scratches because of the standard nylon style shell - and this is very much annoying!

Dust and other particles are getting easily between glass and the plastic nylon shell - because of that the shell isn't stable in position the dust scrubs the glass all the time.




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Re: Moto Z Play Back Getting Scratched

2017-01-24, 15:55 PM


They provide skin.


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Re: Moto Z Play Back Getting Scratched

2017-05-10, 0:25 AM
I always use the style shell and the back is still scratches

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Re: Moto Z Play Back Getting Scratched

2017-06-12, 7:09 AM
Here you go:-

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Re: Moto Z Play Back Getting Scratched

2017-07-07, 10:47 AM

I'm using Moto Z play from last few months with back cover that come among with in box. It was fine before one month but I was surprised today when I found some micro scratches on back glass. Poor built quility.pls help for same..


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Re: Moto Z Play Back Getting Scratched

2017-08-05, 2:44 AM

After removing leminitation film, how i will remove sticky part.


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Re: Moto Z Play Back Getting Scratched

2017-08-07, 5:53 AM




Your phone should have shipped with Style shell. Keeping that on the back will protect it. Another option is a skin. There are many that work with the mods, so you can install a skin and still use the mods. 

The Canadian version is "Special Edition | Édition spéciale" meaning ... they don't ship with a style shell. Heck - Motorola doesn't even sell the mods in Canada yet. By the time they do - I will have lost interest in the "newness" and won't care. No case and outrageous pricing - it was about $649 at Costco unlocked (I think much more at the carriers) - I picked it up for $549 and seeing if it will drop further. They price dropped it into my target zone - thus eliminating the need to get the Asus Zenfone 3, Sammysung A5 and even the overpriced OnePlus 5.


I bought a protective case from Amazon and it has an opening for the connection at the back. Will any mod still fit on the back when you have a case? Doubtful. Yet most cases come with the cutout - I don't get that.

I was actually keen on getting the wireless charging - but then opting for that means no protective case - there is something missing here - either me or a design flaw.


BTW: Regarding the scratches ... if any of you have seen JerryRigEverything you know that manufacturers don't necessarily use the same "material" on both sides. If all phones were $100-200 then I would never use a case - but getting north of $300 - a case and protective screen is all cost of doing business. The camera hump was a bit of a concern but the cases I looked at all accounted for it. I think the most important aspect is the ridge around the front of the glass.



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