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Blue Screen Again
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Automatic off and reboot


My phone Moto z2 play gets automatically off and starts rebooting itself. 

It takes nearly 5 to 10 min to reboot.

I have already done power cycle thing and checked proximity sensor but none to help.

It all started happening since android 8 update.

Please help.


What's DOS?
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Re: Z2 play self restarts and shut downs

My daughter and I both have the Z2 play. Hers had this problem, mine didn't. Upon investigation I found her Instagram cache was 2.9Gb. We cleared the cache and the problem went away. Check your caches for all social media.

Paper Tape
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Re: Z2 play self restarts and shut downs

I just found the best way of fixing this error - getting a new phone.


After almost 2 years of being stuck with this god-awful phone I've moved on back to the Samsung series. Good riddance Moterola! This **remove** phone has been my main source of frustration over the past year. The only solution until now was to walk around with it plugged into an external charger at ALL times.


I will never buy another Motorola phone in my life and will go out of my way to talk anyone out of buying one who is ever considering doing so.


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Punch Card
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Re: Z2 play self restarts and shut downs

i've did the mistake of ordering an Lenovo notebook a few months ago. big mistake, it's missing an simple wol in bios UEFI settings. due that, i've replaced an i7 by an Samsung tablet, that is doing fine. no more Lenovo

What's DOS?
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Endless reboots

My phone has been stuck in an endless reboot loop since this morning. I've had it for nearly a year now and never experienced this before. The phone worked normally yesterday when I turned it off, but started endlessly rebooting when I turned it on.

I've tried everything but a hard reset, and safe mode (doesn't register fast enough).

Is there any way out of this without a hard reset?

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