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Does anyone know what fast charging technology is used?

It seems that Moto did not go with Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology on this phone, but I can't seem to find what fast charging technology they did use. It looks like it's a proprietary Moto technology, which is unfortunate for us consumers. With my Droid Turbo, I was able to purchase many QC 2.0 acccessories from Amazon by third party companies. The wide availability brought the prices down and gave us many choices. Now I have a bunch of QC chargers that don't charge my Moto Z quickly. I hope thrid party companies will be allowed to make chargers with these specifications. I guess time will tell.

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Re: Does anyone know what fast charging technology is used?

Based on forum posts over at Android Central, I'm assuming it's USB Power Delivery and that anything that fast charges the current Nexus 5X and 6P will TurboCharge a Moto Z.