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Re: Extereme battery drainage of Moto z

2018-07-11, 16:02 PM


Has u have said  i had tried everything but then also I had to charge it for around 4 times a day and I cannot use it without charger or power bank plugged in so pls resolve the problem as soon as possible and has I was posting this my battery just died from 40%-0% with in no second so please correct it


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Re: Extereme battery drainage of Moto z

2018-07-12, 0:56 AM



You are indicating it's the apps, but it was much before the update. It seems you be a theme with others posts.



Has anyone had any luck with following this instructions you remove everything?


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Re: Major Battery Drain After Oreo Update

2018-07-17, 13:07 PM

Hola Motorola/Lenovo:

En abril de2017 compré el Moto Z. Anduvo bastante bien hasta hace aproximadamente tres meses que comenzó a gastarse súbitamente la batería, aun sin ser usado. No se puede estar tranquilo, porque aparece 70 % de batería, y de repente se apaga. Y ya no se puede volver a prender, excepto que lo pongas a cargar otra vez.

Honestamente muy sorprendido por esta cuestión, con la cual he perdido la tranquilidad que brindaba tener un celular tipo smart phone.

Agradecería alguna respuesta a este problema. Gracias


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Re: Major Battery Drain After Oreo Update

2018-07-19, 18:18 PM

My advice...read the thread started in 8/2017...basically the same thing happened when downloading 7.1.1.  Motorola is NOT going to fix it.  The moral of the story is never to buy a Motorola phone.  Their batteries are terrible, it can't handle updates, Motorola IS aware of this and has chosen to do nothing.  Because of all this...i won't be buying a Motorola phone ever again.


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Re: Major Battery Drain After Oreo Update

2018-07-20, 18:31 PM

I hate to agree, but after these challenges with the updates it is probably best to select a different phone. I really liked it, but despite trying everything suggested... Nothing works and it requires a send in but it's almost 2 years. I'm still paying on the phone and it really is unusable except for short periods. I can't think of obtaining another one that would falter this quickly again. 


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Re: Major Battery Drain After Oreo Update

2018-07-25, 11:28 AM

My phone was working fine, in fact right after the Oreo update I thought battery life was better. After about a month I noticed the battery drain was happening more. Last night it went from 39% to 15% in about an hour and I wasn't using it. So I plugged into the charger and was full before I went to bed. Woke up to 57% with it being idle. Something is not right.


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Re: Major Battery Drain After Oreo Update

2018-07-26, 3:35 AM

I am also having a similar issue... My moto Z (XT1650-03; ~2 years old) has been bricked for 4 days now. Phone started shutting down randomly (in a very similar way as when it runs out of battery) after the Oreo update (once or twice a week). Then, it got worse 5 days ago. It started to do restart loops (phone booted, crashed after one minute of arriving at the home screen, repeat). Battery drains just fine, but communication between the phone and the battery seems to have gone bananas.


Temporary work around (with minimal data lose) [should work for probably ~15-40% of people here]:


-Turn phone off by holding down power key.

-Enter bootloader (power and volume down when trying to turn on)

-Navigate to "Recovery Mode" with volume keys and select it with the power button.
-When "no commands" is displayed press and hold power and then tap volume up.

-The Android Recovery menu will appear.

-On the Android Recovery menu select "Wipe cache partition" (minor warning: this will delete a lot of temporary files on your phone, app customization, ergonomics data, some passwords and account settings [most of this data is irrelevant to the average user])

-When this is done (read "Cache wipe complete." printed in console), select "Reboot to bootloader".

-When the phone reboots it should display the android image and the phone configuration again. After, navigate with volume keys and select "power off". This breaks the loop. 

-Still with the power off, plug to outlet and moto mod (if possible, this will give you some mobility and temporary phone access). Otherwise just use the charger.

-Do a battery calibration. (restart your phone while plugged to an turbo charger (must display tubo charging, turbo charger connected, etc), turn it on, allow it to reach 100% and leave it there for a full day [old batteries need a bit more time to stabilize, and the system is currently quite buggy])

---If moto mod power pack is being used, setup moto mod to the none efficient charging option (keeps phone at 100%)

---To charge your moto mod power pack, turn the phone off and charge while off.

-Use phone with care and don't let the battery drop below 95% (not even while connected), anything that uses heavy wifi will drain battery fast. 

-If the loops starts again you have to repeat these steps.


This process only works if you can still reach a 100% charge according to software. Sadly, the hardware and software will continue to degrade and your phone will stop working. Use this time to backup your data and backtrack to a previous phone you might have (or buy a new one from another brand). This was motorola's flagship and it sank.


More info on my phone (my case):


This looks like a complete lack of compatibility between Oreo and the moto Z firmware (So bad the hardware is even rotting!). 

Here's a list of bugs that I have already encountered several times:

-Phone heats up a lot.

-Wireless shuts down while coming out of sleep mode.

-Bluetooth turns on and off randomly.

-Bluetooth does not work as it is stuck between the commands given directly throught settings or the quick-click icon menu (Example: dashboard shows that the bluetooth is on, but the settings shows that it is off)

-Chrome crashes very often

-Split screen clips into full screen videos

-Moto Mods fail to work, has to be unplugged (screeching speaker, no charging from moto mod battery)

-Battery saving mode is non-functional

-Battery history is non-existant


I have experience with embedded systems and general tech. I am quite skilled at fixing my gadgets, but this has gone too far. I have even tested my battery without the phone, and it still works fine (has no physical "puffing", gives the correct charge, and outputs the correct signals). My bluetooth chip however has been damaged, and the storage (permanent sd on motherboard) has degraded 35%. About 10Gb of data space is unuseable.


I have yet to try and roll back to 6.0 Marshmallow, but I have not found the correct raw factory firmware.


I have gone through all this pain, because I have used the hell out of this phone and I love this modular approach. I have used both sim slots, external SD card, all moto mods except for wireless charging, and the moto mod developer kit. This phone gave my work an edge (I saved an hour or two daily, at least, by using it within the factory I work at). 


Unless the brand picks up the pace and develops a true successor to the Moto Z, I will step down from this platform. I am hopefull that the Moto Z3 or Moto Z3 Force might come ahead strong, but I will be very critical about buying them.


This severe lack of support is discouraging and frustrating. Please fix it. We need some firmware updates for our phones, Lenovo. 


I hope this post helps. 





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Re: Major Battery Drain After Oreo Update

2018-07-28, 0:52 AM

Same Problem Here Bluetooth Not Working WIFI Disconnects randomly... total *removed* phone is useless


Edited: due to site rules violation -preferred language


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Moto Z Oreo Battery - is anyone from Lenovo working on it?

2018-08-01, 16:25 PM

There are lots of threads about battery usage after Oreo was pushed to our phones, is anyone from Lenovo actually working on characterizing the issue?


Here is my latest failure:

1. Phone at 100%, with Incipio Battery Mod (fully charged) disconnected

2. Checked status with AccuBattery, dropped to 90%

3. Reconnected Incipio Battery Mod

4. Phone shut off!

5. Reconnected power cable and turned phone back on

6. Phone at 25% power, Battery Mod at 100%

This is one of many different ways my phone has failed, all since the Oreo upgrade was pushed.  I highly doubt that I had my battery just happen to fail at the same time, but I do believe that the Oreo upgrade is going to kill the battery that is in the phone.


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Re: Moto Z Oreo Battery - is anyone from Lenovo working on it?

2018-08-01, 17:16 PM

Hi BryanOnTheRun,


Thanks for posting. I appreciate the explanation. Could you please update your profile with current phone, carrier and serial number -- this will help me investigate. Please make sure that the options under Settings > Motorola Privacy are on as well, and let me know (just reply here) if it's okay for me to look at your apps to see if they are a source of problems.

Need help updating your profile? See here. https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Forum-Feedback/Complete-your-forums-profile/td-p/3339943


Best regards,
Motorola Support

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