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Paper Tape
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Extereme battery drainage of Moto z

This issue has been happening after my Oreo update . 


Phone operates normally while plugged in and charging, but when unplugged the battery drains at an alarming rate. It will start out at 100% and will go down to 75% within fifteen minutes. The phone will also turn off as if the battery died, even though the display says it still has 70% or 53% or 90% or whatever. Then I'll plug the phone in to charge it after it "died" and the display will say something like 22% or 8% or 62% or whatever. Then if I turn the phone back on, it will say yet another different battery percentage. There is no rhyme or reason to it. So I have no idea whether the phone is charged, or whether the display is wrong, or what. But it doesn't seem to matter as the phone still drains quickly and dies randomly.


I have tried reconditioning the battery by charging to 100% while on, turning off and charging to 100%, rinse repeat until theoretically the battery reading is the same whether on or off. This did not fix the problem.


I even rebooted into safe mode and this issue was still occurring while in safe mode. My phone is basically un-usable right now unless it is plugged in.

 What could this issue possibly be and how the heck can I fix it?!

Paper Tape
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Re: Major Battery Drain After Oreo Update

I think I found the problem guys.

Yesterday I installed the "CPU-Z" App in my Moto Z Droid Force . In the battery category it showed that the phone only got 2600mh, but before the Oreo update it showed the complete 3500 mh.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Battery Performance after Oreo 8.0 Update

Just wanna start by saying... Moto Z is an awesome, awesome phone. Well done, Lenovo.


...but the very short battery life is killing me lately. I just bought an Incipio Offgrid to try to remedy the problem (that started showing up after Oreo). But it's not an ideal solution. 


I've also FDR'd the phone, and no help. Lenovo, since this is an issue that has plagued some of your users with no fix (and a problem that started showing up just after our warranties were up), would you consider an RMA program? Or at least, a voucher or discount on a battery replacement that might get us through till we buy our next Moto device? (My decision on that is pending your ability to fix the problem.)


- A loyal customer





Fanfold Paper
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Re: Moto Z Erratic Battery Discharge/Phone Shutting Off

This really isn’t acceptable. It’s like blaming the car for a flat tire. There is obviously a problem, just fix it!

@Agent_Rich wrote:

Hi Everyone,


I understand your concern. The battery of the device seems old already. I highly recommend doing a factory data reset without automatic restore. Go to Settings > System > Reset > Reset Phone. If you have important files, make sure to back them up, but I suggest trying to set up as new to make sure no third party apps will be reinstalled automatically. Observe your phone until we see improvement and try installing third-party apps one at a time. If the issue persists, it could be a hardware issue, I suggest sending the phone for repair. Let me know. Thanks.


Best regards,
Motorola Support


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Extereme battery drainage of Moto z

Same issue here =(

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Re: Moto Z Erratic Battery Discharge/Phone Shutting Off

@Joe10964 wrote:

This really isn’t acceptable. It’s like blaming the car for a flat tire. There is obviously a problem, just fix it!



It's more like blaming the passengers in your car on the engine stalling after you took your car in for routine maintenance.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Major Battery Drain After Oreo Update

Ready Done, and, as you can see, its NOT AN APP PROBLEM !!! ITS OS PROBLEM !!! @Agent_Rich Please, stop try hiding this problem in all threads like this as we are "bad users" and admit this is a Motorola Software Problem, and take it to someone that can solve the problem !



Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Extereme battery drainage of Moto z

Hi Rosm2004,


It depends on the apps you're using and the apps that are running in the background such as antivirus, antimalware, etc. we should also consider the screen brightness of your device and the network signal strength. These are that the factors that affect the battery life of the device. 


Hi Everyone,


Please follow the steps I provided above. Let's all do a factory data reset (Instruction for Nougat is provided above) (For Oreo, go to Settings > System > Reset). Back up all your important files so you won't lose any of it. Set up your device as new and see for improvement. I would recommend not to install any third-party apps yet, we need to observe the device with its default factory settings. Let me know for any improvement. Thanks.


Best regards,
Motorola Support

Paper Tape
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Re: Major Battery Drain After Oreo Update

Just posted this on another thread.



At the time of writing, it is 10:46 am, PST. I unplugged my phone @ a 100% charge at 7:59 am. 


It's currently sitting at 49% whilst charging for the THIRD time today. Just in my 15 minute commute to work, I had bluetooth and spotify playing music in my car, it drained my battery to 79%, in FIFTEEN minutes. 


I still owe money on this device, and the response from Lenovo/Motorola has been abysmal. 


Is there any "official" word yet? According to accubattery, my battery health is in the low 30%. 


Absolutely disgusting to pay nearly $1000 for a phone and it have to be replaced so quickly.


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Moto Z Erratic Battery Discharge/Phone Shutting Off

Here is my imei


3541 0707 0723 623


Like someone else's image with it crashing immediately... That is the same thing with me. It charges shows 96 present then gets to about 85% and dies. Is there anyway to go back to the old update. 

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