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Moto Z Droid - Battery & bluetooth problems after Oreo update

I have 3 x Moto Z Droid phones for myself and family.  After the oreo update i've had nothing but problems with 2 of the 3 phones.


The biggest problem is with one of the phones with battery issues.   I can charge thet phone to 100% (using the turbo charger, or other chargers i have), i can then restart the phone, and the battery level will show something like 50%, and then the phone will power off shortly afterwards.  When i plug it into the charger (with the phone off), and level will be anywhere between 0-6%.


I have reset the phone on numerous occasions, gone into recovery mode, and done a reset there, but problem persists.  Doesn't help having a battery mod plugged in, phone will randomly power off when it says it's below 50%.


This got so bad, that i ended up having to pickup a spare phone to replace it (I'm too heavily invested in the moto mods, that i cannot replace the phone with anything other than a Moto Z phone).


Also the 2nd phone, bluetooth no longer works after the oreo update.   This phone has been replaced under warranty previously for bluetooth issues, the replacement phone was working fine until the Oreo update, and now i try to turn on bluetooth, it never detects any bluetooth devices.


Is there a way to downgrade these phones back to nougat ?   The replacement phone i bought came with Android 7, but has started to ask to upgrade, and i don't want to upgrade and starting having issues all over again.

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Re: Moto Z Droid - Battery & bluetooth problems after Oreo update

Hi foolish501,


Thanks for posting. Could you please update your profile with current phone, carrier and serial number -- this will help me investigate. Please make sure that the options under Settings > Motorola Privacy are on as well, and let me know (just reply here) if it's okay for me to look at your apps to see if they are a source of problems.

Need help updating your profile? See here


Best regards,
Motorola Support



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