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Paper Tape
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Moto Z Speaker Popping

I have had my verizon Moto Z for less than a week and everytime I play a video, music, or make a call the speaker at the top of the phone makes one short pop. I'm sure this is electrical related, but I'm not sure if I can fix it myself or if there is a way to return and have the phone replaced. Anyone else had this issue?

Punch Card
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Re: Moto Z Speaker Popping

Yes, I also have the issue. i normally get it when I'm switching between apps. For Example, I'm on my home screen, and I swap to an open game (so multi tasker, not opening the app from it's icon) the speaker will emit a short pop on opening the game/app.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Moto Z Speaker Popping

Yes I also get this a lot when I send messages even when phone is on silent. When I press send it makes a popping sound. Restarting phone temporarily fixes the issue. I also had my Moto Z Force Droid replaced once for the USB-C port and the issue persisted on both.

Punch Card
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Re: Moto Z Speaker Popping

I have also had this issue since day one.  Has anyone found a fix for this issue yet?

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Re: Moto Z Speaker Popping

There's another thread about this here and multiple threads about it on the Moto Z Force forum. By all accounts it seems to be related to using the device with bluetooth audio and if the issue crops up you have to reboot to make it stop. Hopefully they'll come up with a software fix for this at some point very soon.

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