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Paper Tape
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Re: Moto Z - extreme battery drain after 7.1.1 update

I am having a similar issue on my Moto Z Droid since 7.0. I have done multiple factory resets, and while that sometimes fixed the issue on 7.0 for a while, on 7.1.1 nothing fixes the issue of Android OS and Android System eating my battery. This is a screenshot after my latest factory reset, setting the phone up as brand new, and the screen being off most of the time. Before this factory reset GSAM Battery Monitor was reporting 80-90% app usage with 40-45% being used by Android OS and Android System each, with GSAM being the only third party app installed. I have put my IMEI in my profile and enabled the settings under Motorola Privacy.Screenshot_20170907-224132.png

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto Z - extreme battery drain after 7.1.1 update

I just want to update further. I have been scrutinizing and agonizing over every aspect of my device to get to the bottom of this. A couple things I've noticed:


The phone is generating Cached Data at an alarming rate. It's something I know to clear out probably once a month, but it's been generating on the order of 750 MB daily which is a lot more than I've ever witnessed, and I see dozens of phones a week. I think this is related to the extreme performance issues I'm seeing with regular operation of the phone. This phone was always one of the fastest on the market but suddenly it gets very choppy and really slow to load anything. None of my games or social media run at a reasonable pace. I even got on desktop to post this because of how long it takes the keyboard to appear in any app. I don't know if cached data includes like crash logs for apps and stuff, but that could explain it if you guys are detecting a bunch of crashing apps after the update. Crashing apps that continue to reboot would definitely explain why the battery is getting demolished in no time. The phone is hot like it's working really hard when it's just sitting on the table or in my pocket with no apps open, accompanied by a quickly depleting battery. These effects take a while to appear usually after restarting, suggesting that a running tally of crashing applications might be the cause. It's also using up an unacceptable amount of RAM when nothing is running. Over 3 of 4 GB. I just don't understand it and it's really frustrating. My battery mod is getting plenty of use to say the least.


I would also like to mention that I booted in Safe Mode and that seemed to fix virtually every issue, but I couldn't use any downloaded apps. So that seems like the OS is not handling apps very well too. I wiped the Cache Partition recently as well. No effect.


Will you guys please consider my observations? I'm considering dumping the money on a new phone because of how inconvenient this is becoming.

Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Moto Z - extreme battery drain after 7.1.1 update

There's a chance you've come to an incorrect conclusion.  I say this because you said that running the phone in safe mode eliminated every problem.  If it were true that the new operating system can't handle apps, then every  device, not just yours, but every single device running the upgrade would have the same problems.


When safe mode eliminates a problem, we need to look at which third party apps are the most likely culprits.  I'd go to the Play store and see if the apps have been updated recently to start.  Take a look at which apps are generating the large amounts of cached data, uninstall those apps (backup your data first), restart the phone, run it, and see if there's an improvement.


We see but a small fraction of Moto owners in here, and those owners come here because they have a problem or complaint, which tends to give us a skewed view of what's happening in the real world.


Paper Tape
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Re: Moto Z - extreme battery drain after 7.1.1 update

Just an update from me on my particular phone.


After some talk with Motorola I sent it back to the service-centre for a warrenty repair.  The reply was that "..we ere unable to carry out a satisfactory repair. [...] we have provided you with a main board replacement which has resolved the reported fault".


I can confirm that Bluetooth is now working again.  Impressive that an OTA firmware upgrade kiled the Bluetooth so badly that it needed a whole new main-board!  I'm less sure about the battery-drain though.  Admittedly I have only had it back for a couple of hours during which time it's been re-downloading all of my apps, but the battery has taken quite a dent in that time.  Time will tell, but I'm not holding my breath.



Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Moto Z - extreme battery drain after 7.1.1 update

That's very interesting!  But just today there was a post that Google Play settings are causing Bluetooth to be disabled.  Although this thread is for the G4, it might still be helpful.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Moto Z - extreme battery drain after 7.1.1 update

I'm having sane problem as others.  When i upgraded to Android 7.1.1 my battery stopped holding a charge and my Bluetooth stored working in my car.  In addition, most of my chargers wouldn't work as well.  Any help is appreciated.

@Altrux wrote:

I received the very nice Android 7.1.1 update on my Moto Z the other day.  All seemed well, except that battery drain suddenly soared.  I'm now losing 50% in a few hours, with the phone hardly in use, and over 25% during the night on flight mode (normally 3-5%).  The battery settings details show Android System, Android OS and Phone Idle as all having double-digit drain.


The only is only a few weeks old and has been perfect until now.  Any ideas?!


Punch Card
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Re: Moto Z - extreme battery drain after 7.1.1 update

Is that normal, that during a 14h 5m uptime, 13h 42m was used by "System (*wakelock*)", particularly the CT1011 Proximity?




Another strange values (at least, to me) are these:



My biggest concern is the Screen On Time, where i can barely reach 2h any day:


Aggregated Checkin Stats:

Duration / Realtime: 14h24m44.352s

Metric | Value
Screen Off Discharge Rate (%/hr) | 2.91 (Discharged: 36%)
Screen On Discharge Rate (%/hr) | 28.91 (Discharged: 59%)
Screen On Time | 2h2m27.004s
Screen Off Uptime | 3h55m13.011s
Userspace Wakelock Time | 2h6m39.195s
Sync Activity | 10m49.681s (723 times)
JobScheduler Activity | 16m35.339s (903 times)
App Wakeup Alarms | 2034 times
CPU Usage | 2h47m31.334s user time, 2h51m4.026s system time
Kernel Overhead Time | 1h48m33.816s
Kernel Wakelocks | 3h46m51.262s (102247 times)
Wakeup Reasons | 1h4m42.546s (5873 times)
Mobile KBs/hr | 3639.93
WiFi KBs/hr | 0.00
Total WiFi Scan Activity | 29m3.239s (1466 times)
Total WiFi Full Lock Activity | 14m17.223s
Mobile Active Time | 3h15m11.78s
Signal Scanning Time | 0s
Full Wakelock Time | 30m16.502s
Interactive Time | 2h8m52.445s
Phone Call Time | 7m32.267s
Device Idle Mode Enabled Time | 1m46.858s
Device Idling Time | 1m46.858s
Total GPS Use | 54m24.572s (55 times)
Wifi Power Usage | 0.00%/hr, 0.00% total
Wifi Transfer Time | 0s
Wifi Idle Time | 0s
Bluetooth Power Usage | 0.07%/hr, 1.02% total
Bluetooth Transfer Time | 44m11.617s
Bluetooth Idle Time | 1h17m13.985s
Camera Use | 3m3.712s (51 times)
Flashlight Time | 9.72s (2 times)
Modem Transfer Time | 0s
Modem Idle Time | 0s



What's DOS?
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Re: Moto Z - extreme battery drain after 7.1.1 update

Unfortunately none of the 'fixes' discussed on this forum have made any difference, and I'm left with a semi-usable phone unless and until Moto issues an update.


I'm tempted to quietly sell the Moto Z and pick up something else, as not having Bluetooth and having a half-day battery life (if lucky) isn't much use to me.  One day soon I'm going to be late for work, as the phone is liable to die in the night, even going to sleep on flight mode with 40% charge (I don't have a power outlet near the bed).

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto Z - extreme battery drain after 7.1.1 update

Has there been any solution to this? The 7.1.1 is killing my phone! We need a fix fast!

Punch Card
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Re: Moto Z - extreme battery drain after 7.1.1 update

I am also seeing a massive cut in battery time since upgrading to 7.1.1.  I cannot even get 2 hours use from 100% charge, and the new motor turbo charger, which should last over a day of heavy use barely will get 12 hours. I have now done 2 factory reset to try and correct the issue but no luck.  There is something certainly going on here

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