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My Moto Z story



We bought two Moto Z Droids in December of 2016 and a Moto Z Play for our son from Verizon.  We were big fans of the Moto Droid Maxx so when it came time to replace it we looked to Motorola  again.


What a mistake, 6 months after we got the phones the battery would be 60-70% charged and then just die, click on the power button and it would now say 6-10% charge. Plug it into the supplied Motorola  chargers and it would jump from 12% to 70% in 5 mins. 


Called Verizon,  factory reset per their instructions and tried it tried it with minimal  apps. Phone continued to die while showing  a good charge. Verizon  replaced both phones with two more Moto Z Droids. Within 4-6 months same problem popped  up again on the new phones.


Called Motorola they said chargers were the problem. They replaced them, same issue still.  Verizon  replaced the phones again. This time my phone would just start to reboot on it's own over and over and over  until it had drained about 30-40% of the battery. 


By this time I had replaced my phone 3 times and wifes twice, figured our son was lucky  with the play, nope his phone would be plugged up all night and then show only 15% charge. We had to borrow an S7 for him to have a working  phone. 


I called Motorola  this past week and the level 2 tech was super rude and told me the phone is 5 years old (3 years old) nobody else has this problem. I told her the phone I was having  trouble with was just replaced in June of this year and is acting like the last three. 


I finally filed a BBB report for faulty equipment  and knowingly  selling products  that they know is defective. Also I filed a report with FTC because Motorola had two know of this issue  because when I walked in to Verizon  and said this Moto Z is....he stopped me and said dying while still showing 60+% charge.