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Paper Tape
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Re: My new Moto z WiFi is not working at all

After my wifi went dead, I took it back to support (who were quite sleezy in dealing with it), but after 3 months of waiting, they fixed it, they had to change something inside of it, and now I shy away from making any new updates just for long enough to keep it working... bottom line, Moto is quite lousy at a lot of things, Camera is very cheap, and it does not support Miracast technology at all... so if you were reading this, do not invest in fixing it, just get a new one... or better yet, root it and try to get it fixed by someone other than official suppliers.

PS, if you take it back to shop, keep the back cover, Motorola are known for stealing the back cover or throwing it away.

Paper Tape
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Re: My new Moto z WiFi is not working at all

Hi I'm also using a Moto Z, having Wi-Fi and hotspot issues as both of them arebra working, I've tried all suggestions on here and still no result. My IMEI number has been updated on my profile, I'm awaiting your Swift and helpful response. Thanks Lenovo

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