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The Root Of All The Problems With Motorola Devices.

2018-10-07, 9:36 AM

I have owned many Motorola devices in the past 25 years and never have i seen such a high % of failure rates with any other device or company brand as i have seen with the Moto Z cell phones.  4 out of 5 of my Moto Z's have suffered from erratic battery discharge and replacing the battery is not a permanent solution because it will happen again as i have already personally experienced.  Correct me if im mistaken but the product warranty of a Moto Z device is 1 year from the date of purchase however the battery is only covered for 6 months.  Are other cellular manufacturers doing this also?  I checked with Samsung and their product warranty is one year with no exclusions.  My last reliable Motorola cell phone was the 1st Gen X which i recall had a 2 year product warranty with no exclusions.  So what happened?  Lenovo is what happened!!!  After the release of the 1st Gen Moto X the China based tech company purchased Motorola and ruined the brand integrity by reducing warranty limitations and using inferior parts to manufacture their cellular devices.  Not only have i had problems with the batteries but also the top piece of my sim tray broke apart from the bottom piece on 3 out of 5 Moto Z's, i have never seen that happen on any other cell phone.  I am not a heavy user yet all my phones have LCD burns/ghosting.  When i first noticed the Lonovo brand on the boxes and during the boot process of my Moto Z's i assumed they were assisting Motorola with the processors and/or logic board in one form or another, considering that i only knew Lonovo for their computer products.  If i had known that Lenovo had 100% ownership of Motorola i would never have purchased any of the new Motorola devices.  That would be like purchasing a Dell or HP cell phone, something that i would not risk with my $700.  I don't expect Lenovo to be perfect because all cellular manufacturers have had their share of problems such as Apples touch disease and Samsungs exploding batteries but at least they owned up to it.  Yet still after 3 years of consumer complaints Lenovo still gives us the same useless answers of false hope; reboot, recalibrate, reset and repair while continuing to release new models with the same irreparable defects.  So if your planning on buying a new Motorola device, ask yourself, would you buy a fake iPhone or a fake Samsung because thats basically what it is.  Looks great on the outside but cheap on the inside, made of inferior materials and components by a company without any intregrity.  


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